There is a place within each of us. A place where there is complete peace, and a connection to everything around us. Inside each and every one of us, hidden deep behind all the beliefs and ideas and perceptions of the world around us, there lays a spot that success lives. In this place, when we truly live there, everything flows as it needs to. Creativity connects with the world around us and understands all that it needs to understand. People who are successful at what they do live in this place. They breath this place. They are this place.

This place is within us all. We need to learn to get out of it's way long enough for it to flow and come forth into the world. When we let it flow from us, when we are in touch with where we are and what we are doing, when this place opens up and the light that is within us begins to shine in the world, there is nothing we cannot do. There is nothing that is impossible or untouchable for us. This place knows all there is to know. This place within us has all it needs to accomplish what you want to accomplish. This place is all that you need to be. This is the place of success. When you connect with this place, it no longer becomes about success at all, but being in the moment and connecting with the creativity inside of you. It is about connecting with the universal force that flows through every single one of us.

As the greatest writers in history have done. As the most notorious of artists have known. As every great mind through out all of time has discovered, there is a place within each of us that strives to come forth and be heard. A place that longs to be seen. When you truly connect with yourself and the inner place of your being. When you find something you have a passion for accomplishing and doing. When you finally realize your place in the world, the place inside of you that needs no knowledge will open up. The place that needs no prompting will flow. This place is a beautiful place and expresses itself to the world in amazing ways.

So what is this place exactly? What does it look like? How do you find it and use it? This place is a spot inside of you that is rarely used. It is a place where you get out of the way, and let your true essence flow. A place where your mind no longer exists, but your inner beauty does. A place where you simply sit back at watch in awe at what you create. It as though you are looking through different eyes. As a writer puts his fingers on the keyboard and lets the thoughts just flow from him like water from a waterfall, this place lives in you and flows from you the same way. You must learn to open up to it. Learn to connect to the world around you. Feel the air as it enters your lungs. See the light as it enters your eyes. Smell the air as it passes through your nose. Feel life around you as it touches your skin. Connect with the universe at large as it touches your emotions and moves you. Let it move you as you see fit, and let it use your creativity to bring light to the world.

The hardest part of opening up to this place of success is getting out of your own way. We often want to use our heads to understand things or to create things. We want to force things to happen, and this is not at all where success lives. Success lives by a moment of inspiration that comes and hits us in a moments notice. Success lives in an idea that moves us to take action and spurs emotions in us that are incredible. Success lives in a place deep within each of us that wants to come out and play. It is the inner child in our heart that takes a pen and turns it into a million different tools or toys of entertainment. Success lives in a place that allows us to be a part of the world. A place that causes us to recognize beauty in the setting sun. A place that allows us to see innocence in the eyes of a child. In a place that causes us to love and feel and connect without any effort on our part.

Success lives in a place that allows us to truly feel and experience the world around us. A place of emotion and ideas. Not of emotional reaction to the crap around us, but of truly feeling like we are a part of something great, even if that great thing is our own creation. Not ideas that we muster up from within ourselves, but ideas that flow from a place within us in a way that we never even imagined possible. Ideas that amaze even us as we think them. Success lives in a place deep inside of you that you can connect with on a regular basis, if you let yourself. Watch someone who loves what they do. Watch them as they do it. They find a place that simply creates. A place that is not tainted by their concepts of the world or their emotional insecurities. A place that is untouched by their perceptions. A place that pure, and innocent deep within them. A place where creativity takes everything in the world around them and turns it into something new, something unique. Something amazing.

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