When you receive the Seal you will experience eugnosis, understanding the most positive and beautiful things. You will not be like Adam and Even who ate the Forbidden Fruit and discovered the shame of their nakedness.

God made the world and what immediately surrounds it in the universe in seven days. On the fifth day He shaped the first man Adam out of the earth and breathed spiritual Life into him.

That is how He will set His Seal upon your forehead. He will shape the Seal out of the earth, for it is the little place where a wheat Seed is sown. And that wheat Seed is Jesus Christ.

Jesus is the wheat Seed and you will be His companion as the ground. God the Father provides the Air needed to grow that Seed by sanctifying your own Spirit. Jesus provides Light for Himself to grow and the Holy Spirit provides the Water.

But you are the earth and a quite necessary element to grow Jesus up to fruition. Without you to feed the Seed with nutrients Jesus would not grow. You are as crucial an element in the growth of the Seed as God is.

And when Jesus does grow up and bear Fruit you will eat some of that Fruit and sow some of it as seed. When you sow that seed it will grow up to fruit as the message.

You will take the fruit of the message and sow that as more seed after you have eaten some of it. And that will grow into believers in the message. First Jesus is sown and grown; then the message is sown and grown; and finally believers.

And there is a reason God impresses your forehead as a little garden of the earth. He has chosen your forehead because that is where you think your thoughts. Your thoughts are precious to God.

When you are sealed your thoughts will be precious to God and to people too. Whoever does not see how precious your thoughts are has not seen the thoughts of God either. Who believes the sealed person also believes God.

You will not always have all positive thoughts. You will experience some doubts and fears and temptations along with other negative thoughts. This is what happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The devil tempted Eve by telling her about the knowledge of good and evil she would have if she ate the Forbidden Fruit. That was quite an attraction to Eve. She wanted to have the kind of knowledge the gods have.

Adam and Eve wanted to be more like God. That was not a bad desire. But they disobeyed God in order to become more like Him. In the same way some people will disobey the sealed person while striving to become godly.

But when you are sealed you will experience eugnosis. You will have a profound sense of well-being you share with God. You will feel this well-being because your eternal place in Heaven is reserved for you.

You will have positive thoughts of virtue and pleasure. And you will have feelings accompany them. Your eugnosis will not just be thoughts only. You will feel the virtue and pleasure as well as think such things.

God will not allow you to have empty and cold thoughts without attendant feelings. He will give you eugnosis in your belly as well as in your mind. And this is how you will stay with God and resist the devil.

When you are sealed God will share with you His own Awareness of Happiness in eugnosis. You will be aware of the positives and the pleasures of God by eugnosis when you receive the Seal.

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