One of the hardest things to develop when working with the law of attraction and creating a life that is everything you desire it to be is this concept of abundance. Many people have a very difficult time seeing everything as though there is more than enough to go around, especially when the circumstances in their life says other wise. Not to mention the fact that there are things we may not even recognize as mindsets or thoughts of lack. How is one to live in abundance and by the law of attraction when there are things we can't even see. When there are things we don't know that we don't know. The answer... the best we can.

Nature and god do not live in a world of lack. Everything in the world that god created is created in abundance. There is more than enough water for every person on the planet. There is more than enough food for every living creature. There is more than enough air and warmth and sunshine. There is no such thing as lack in nature. So why, as humans, do we tend to see things as though there isn't enough? The answer to this question evades me, but I do know that living a life being able to see abundance in everything is much more rewarding than living in a world where all I see is lack. To attract the things we want to us, to have all the things we want, to live a life that we desire to live, we must learn to see abundance in everything.

Many times, if we are not careful, we can easily slip from our ability to see abundance. Anytime we do not see that there is enough, we are slipping. Money is an area that this is extremely easy. If you find yourself clipping coupons, you are not living in a mindset of abundance. If you find yourself gripping about the gas prices, you are not living in a world of abundance. If you think that seven dollars is to much to pay for information that will help you move forward and create the life of your dreams, you are not living in a world of abundance. Now I am not saying that you should blow your money unwisely or buy the most expensive stuff at the store or not save money when you can. What I am saying is that if you are spending time trying to figure out how to save money or questioning whether or not you have the money to spend, you are coming from a mindset of lack.

We must learn to recognize value in things and that we will always get a return on our investment if we come from a mindset of abundance. Instead of clipping coupons to save a few cents, see yourself receiving a dollar for every fifty cents spent. Instead of seeing how expensive gas is, imagine yourself getting ten times what you spend on gas in return for buying it. Recognize that there is more than enough fuel for everyone out there no matter the price and that every dime you spend you get a quarter in return. Instead of thinking that the book you are thinking about buying is too expensive, recognize that it will give you a return that is far more valuable than you can see right now. Begin to see things from a perspective of abundance. I know people who download books from the internet instead of going to the website of the person who created it and buying it. I find that these very same people continue to struggle no matter how many books they buy because they have not made the shift to the mindset of abundance. If they would just spend the couple of dollars, they might be amazed at the return they get, and how much better they would feel. Remember, we were created in a world of abundance, it is only our limited thinking that sees things in a way that they really are not.

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