In part one of these three articles on the effective use of our energy of intention we discovered what intentions really are. In part two we practiced finding out where that energy physically originates from in our bodies, and then how to set it into motion so that that energy goes in the direction we want it to go in. What is then required for our intentions to manifest as our goals, is to follow through on them until completion. What is follow through? Simply, perseverance over time; to do what works for us to attain what we want, again, and again, and again. Nothing more, and nothing less. Well, something more, and that would be to do what works, while at the same time, minimizing what does not work. What does not work? Stopping. Giving up. Using any feeling, emotion, thought, reason, or justification for not going on. Nothing stops the attainment of success more quickly than giving up, on a permanent basis.

Because we all give up temporarily, when we hit blocks and barriers and they stop action. But when we are committed to going on no matter what, those barriers are always temporary. They have to be, if what we are committed to is the successful fruition of our goals. So it might be useful, right now, to do what always works. That would be to perceive our blocks as short lasting, and take the energy we were once using to hold our noses in place against them, and instead use it to simply move ourselves around them. Doing that side-around is a function of what intentions we have set into place. If those intentions are designed for our success, we move around our blocks. If we are using our energy of intention for failure, we cram ourselves into our barriers. Either way, we're in charge! Since we are not stone, no intentions are ever set in stone, and so must be continually re-evaluated and reset. Over time, they can shift as much as we do. That's called growth.

In The One Penny Millionaire!™ the willingness to go around barriers is defined as a diminishing of self-importance and a strengthening of self-love. Self-importance is when I idolize myself, and therefore feel that I am better than others, since deep feelings of unworthiness are the basis of self-importance. That's when my energy is required to be devoted to maintaining the facade of self-importance, up to and including the force it takes to keep my nose pressed into a barrier over time. Barriers such as righteousness, victimhood, and anger. The trigger words for detecting self-importance might sound like "I'm greater than you, look what I've done, my car, my house, my anything, is better than yours! Don't you dare insult me!"

Then there is what we do in The One Penny Millionaire!™ and that is to practice self-love. When I love myself, there is nothing to prove. Deep feelings of worthiness that are the basis of self-love, allow me to see all others in the same light that I see myself; as worthy. That's when I feel the same as others. No facades are required. No waste of energy devoted to misaligned-with-my-heart-path purposes are undertaken, nor are barriers continually fed the energy it takes to keep them in place. As a natural outcome of being in love with ourselves, that's when the question is always asked,"How can I serve?" Because what we give out, we live out. If what we want to live out is joy, then give that away. If what we want to live out is happiness, then give that away. If what we want to live out is success, then give that away. In short, "Give away what you want." There is no faster or more joyful way to create unlimited abundance in your life.

Yes, in a world of limitless possibilities, it is always possible to receive in ways that are not in line with our heart-paths. You see the results of that kind of unhappiness all the time; loss, bankruptcy, divorce, pain and suffering. While gaining and losing in this way is always possible to achieve, living life in this way is definitively not our intention. What our intention is, is to have everyone win. A world that works for everyone, is one of infinite support, supply, and succor. In that world, when everyone is taken care of, then everyone is also available for the taking care of others. We all won't always be in a place of perfect and powerful caregiving capabilities, and there just might be times when it is empowering to receive the support and love of someone other than ourselves. I do all the time! In that world where we are all equally on our heart-paths, our requests for support empower those we ask, because when we ask someone to support us, we are also allowing them to give out what they want to live out too! In this way, the clear intention is, that everyone wins!

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