Recently I facilitated a strategic planning day for a small accounting practice. During the course of the day we reviewed the progress they had made since the last major planning day we had the year before.

As we were reflecting on their achievements before planning the future, one of the partners made the comment on how crucial their weekly team meetings were.

Originally when I first suggested they have regular weekly meetings with their team, the same partner thought it was a waste of time as he was focussed on how much time it cost to have everyone stop work for that hour. Being an accountant he was always focussed on chargeable hours and if they are all in a meeting for an hour they are potentially losing in excess of $1000. However, he soon learned how beneficial these meetings were to the productivity and profit of their practice.

Here's what he said about the value of team meetings:

"We use this time to discuss and implement systems, streamline and improve systems and procedures.

We feel that this time is where we can resolve issues, gaining different perspectives and ideas, everyone has constructive input, we also brainstorm different ideas and create our newsletter.

We find that our meetings enable everyone to communicate openly, productivity is higher as we plan the following week, which is more cost effective and obviously time efficient.

The bottom line is these meetings keep the team happy as they feel their ideas are appreciated, it increases productivity and because we are more effective we make more money."

The Final Word
So the next time you postpone your team meeting because you are 'too busy' or don't think it's necessary to have them on a regular basis...think again.

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