Confidence is the firm belief in your skills and abilities. It is a powerful word. And confidence could determine whether or not you would succeed in attaining your goals in life. People usually and consistently make adjustments and necessary changes, they take action, and they get results and achieve their dreams when they have assurance in themselves. However, when people lack coolness, they get stuck and usually they remain stuck. One of the major hindrances or obstacles in doing anything you aspire in your life, living your dreams or accomplishing your objectives is lack of self assurance. These persons may possess some skills and capacities as anybody with confidence, but because they are not confident at all, they don't easily take action to pursue and reach for their goals.

You might already have everything right and ready to put into action, you might already have all your dreams and actions steps designed and planned out, you may possess the knowledge and capacity to attain something, you may have everything you need in place to get ahead, move forward and reach for that dream…live your fantasies…begin to do the things you’ve always dreamed of and all you desire to do in your life…but without self esteem, without confidence in your skills and talents to do this and achieve that…still, you would not go too far. Being confident is important to living your dreams and attaining your end results.

Individuals who are not confident typically: 1.) are so shy 2.) don't take many risks, or do not take risks at all 3.) have a hard time in communicating or talking to people they do not know that well. 4.) have difficulties in relating with other people 5.) never really get very far in their chosen career 6.) settle for the sameness and mediocrity rather than experiment and experience different things 7.) rely on alcohol to give the temporary “dutch courage” to do something. I don't know about you, but I also have a problem with my confidence. I am also a shy person but I also make it a point to take some calculated risks if I have to.

But I realized that I am not confident enough in some aspects of my life…and it is in these aspects that I’m not attaining the type of objectives I will like. But compared to when I was younger, I think I’m better off now and I have this kind of self assurance that I never had before. Yet I understand that I have quite a long way to go before I establish a firm confidence in myself. But your confidence and self assurance is something you could actually work on. When you lack confidence now, it does not mean that you will forever be shy, timid and socially inept.

You can acquire some techniques to work on your way to being confident and strengthen it. And when you have stronger confidence, then you can confidently grab those opportunities that come your way…not only go for them, but enjoy and achieve them along the way.

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