Did you know that every event from birth to the present is stored within your mind like a tape recorder and that those events make up who you are today?

10% of our mind is conscious, the events we remember and 90% is unconscious, the events we don’t remember.

All stored events create within our minds, thought patterns, which repeat themselves over and over again, which cause us to think and react the way we do in our world around us. This is how addictions are created, by our thought patterns.

Here’s the good news, those unconscious negative events from the past which have created negative behavior patterns within our lives are accessible and can be released and healed through the power of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis is really no great mystery. It is only accessing a certain level of relaxation which quiets the conscious mind allowing us to access the unconscious memories within our minds. Hypnosis is actually a very relaxing and soothing experience which effectively reduces stress and anxiety as well.

Through this practice we can actually address any issue within our lives which we desire to change. We hold the power within ourselves to heal our lives. We first must begin to take personal responsibility for our thoughts, words, actions and feelings which ultimately create our lives.

Stop and listen to what thoughts you are playing through your mind. Are you thinking, “I need a cigarette” or “I need to lose weight” or are you thinking how grateful you are for your beautiful, healthy, strong vibrant radiantly beautiful body, mind and spirit. Our thoughts really do affect our reality. Our bodies and emotions do respond to our thoughts.

The key here is in paying attention and changing the negative thoughts we have rolling through our minds into positive uplifting thoughts of what we want to create for ourselves.

Through the power of Hypnosis we can release the old and affirm the new to create permanent positive change within our lives.

Experience the power of Hypnosis and see how you can set yourself free.

Lori Keeley

Author's Bio: 

Hi, my name is Lori Keeley and I am the founder of “A Path to Transformation”. I am a Certified Counselor of Holistic Psychology, Reiki Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist. I empower clients in healing themselves and creating a pathway of reconnecting with their spirit, intuition, purpose and passions. My clients deepen their learning and overcome the limitations of self sabotaging thoughts, words, actions and feelings that block them from living a healthy and prosperous life, personally and professionally.

Are you ready to create positive changes and live your most fulfilling life?