Hello Everyone,

So most of you know that I am a contributing author to a book that is being published in the next few days and if not Surprise I am a contributing author in a book that is going to publish in the next few days called The Power of Leadership – Becoming a Leader Others will Follow.

As many of you know I am a Network Marketer and Entrepreneur with large goals. Writing a book became a goal of mine last year. The Law of Attraction is powerful!!! I am so excited not only to have my work in print but also to be able share this exciting new journey with all of my close friends and family. I am FIRED UP like I have never been before!

For many of you who are into personal growth and becoming the BEST you can be this is going to be a book for you. There are many famous as well as powerful individual first time authors in The Power of Leadership - Becoming the Leader Others Will Follow. I cannot wait till I go on a BOOK TOUR. But until then you can check out the website at: http://www.pro-publishing-company.com/index.html

Since this is a collaborative book please do not order from there I will send out information very soon on how you can get this AMAZING book in your hands!

I will keep you all up dated! Call me if you have any questions.


Kami Renteria


Author's Bio: 

Kami A. Renteria is a heartfelt believer in the network marketing industry and keeps herself involved in what she believes are the leading companies, and is a student of Liberal Arts with an emphasis in psychology. She is also the head of two philanthropic organizations, which she runs from home: Success In One, and Women of Growth. Her vision is to provide quality assistance to women in need across the globe via shelters and life coaching efforts. She can be contacted via email at