You have a hectic day, you run back and forth and when you get a second to sit and relax, you sigh and take a deep breath. Exactly like that first crying breath tells us a baby is alive and kicking, breathing well will enhance your health on every dimension: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. Almost everyone I see with stress, burnout or anxiety struggles with breathing well. Sleep apnea and lack of proper oxygenation during sleep affects the person’s function, productivity and performance the next day. In addition, this problem may also add to the potential for high blood pressure, fatigue, and headaches.

When people struggle falling asleep with insomnia, starting deep breathing techniques will make it easier to fall asleep. Even at the treadmill, I’ve seen people exhaust themselves, gasping for air. Once they improve their breathing, they take their workout to the next level. This is also evident in improved muscle toning and energy level. Athletes who don’t maximize their breathing strategy depending on whether they are running a short or a long race will lose in despair.

Breathing is a key body function that allows us to oxygenate each and every structure of our body at the ultimate cellular level. Practicing some of these techniques can also give you a good break from a chaotic time at the office. One of the benefits of breathing well and exercising regularly includes proper and better oxygenation altogether. Practicing this simple technique can enhance your stamina, increase your energy, improve your intellectual focus and provide for feelings of relaxation and Wellbeing.

Breathing Tips:

1) Sit in a comfortable position: there is no need to lie down to breathe well. Take five deep, relaxing breaths, breathing in and out through your nose. Make each breath deep, taking your time to breathe in and then exhale.

2) Take about three seconds to breathe in and about four to five seconds to breathe out.

3) When you breathe in, let the air expand your abdomen first, as in Yoga breathing. Let it then go up your rib cage, up your chest, take a moment and then exhale. There is no need to hold your breath.

4) After taking the five deep, relaxing breaths, continue to breathe in and exhale as you would normally do and find a comfortable rhythm. Focus on your breathing. There are some additional exercises as this technique is a common way to start meditation, progressive relaxation and hypnosis.

5) Practice this technique on a daily basis. Like physical exercise, the more you practice, the easier it becomes and the better you will feel.

Enjoy your Wellbeing!

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Dr. Gaby Cora is a Wellness doctor and coach, best-selling author and keynote speaker. She's the author of Leading Under Pressure: Maximize Your Health While Building Your Wealth. Dr. Cora is the Official Guide on Life Work Balance for Self Growth.

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