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Keywords: Prophet, Reality, Fiction, Society, Moral, Humanity, Basic Values

Johnny Oops returned to lead the battle for the hearts and minds of the non-believers in our midst. He had heard enough of the false claims against him that he wasn’t real; that he was merely a fiction in peoples minds.

Whose reality is it he asked? Is it the reality of people who do not care for their neighbors? Is it the reality of those whose greed makes them take advantage of people of lesser means? Are these the righteous thoughts of real people or a fiction perpetrated on our souls?

What has happened to our humanity? Has it become hostage to the logic of the Computer? Are we allowing our basic values to become subjugated to our quest for wealth? When will we remember the lessons our forefathers fought for that provide us with freedom and equality?

It is not enough to pay lip service to the protection of the moral fabric of our Society. We have to show by our actions that we mean what we say, and we will do what is necessary to protect our freedom, to share the bounty of our land, and to honor the intentions of the framers of our constitution.

Let’s not split legal hairs. Our Nation is in peril. It is being attacked from outside and from within. Our economic dominance is in question. Our leadership of the free world is being mocked by Countries whose own defense we have had to come to more than once.

If we wish to protect our moral superiority, we will have to be willing to do battle with the forces of evil that surround us on almost every side. To do that we have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge what is fact and what is fiction and what is real.

It is not enough to be men and women of good will. We must become activists for the protection of our society. We must become all that we can be. We must provide the platform for a new era of living: for a renewed American dream. We must be willing to do battle to preserve all that is good about our society and to change that which is not. Are you ready to join hands and do battle?

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