Nothing Happens in Business Until Someone Sells Something:

As any entrepreneur will tell you, in order to grow a business you have to be able to sell. Nothing happens in business until someone sells something. You even have to engage in sales when you go to the bank to get a loan to start your business. You engage in sales again to get investors or partners for your business.

When I ask people what is keeping them from doing the necessary work of selling required to make a business prosper, they will most likely list concrete answers related to time and money. The underlying reasons why people are often not as successful as they could be in sales may require further examination and self reflection.

There are some people to whom sales come naturally. These people fall under the category of “could sell heaters in Hades” or “refrigerators to penguins” Not everyone in business, however falls into this category. Frankly most people do not.

Blocks to Selling and Growth:

Many people are filled with anxiety and fear when they encounter the work of selling. They know their product or service but can’t seem to convince others of its value. This fear shows up when they have to make cold phone calls or a sales pitch in person. It shows up at networking events when they find they don’t know what to say to people to make the right connections.

For others sales aren’t a problem because of fear but because of other psychological reasons. They may lack healthy communication skills. They may be unable to truly listen to others, maybe the most important aspect of sales. Still others lack the sensitivity and honest character that it takes to not only make the sales but keep the customers.

Self-confidence, such a big part of gaining buyer confidence, is sorely missing in many people. This lack of self-esteem can stem from a myriad of places but until you are ready to look at this and go about changing it your ability to sell, and grow your business will be limited.

This may seem strangest of all, but you may have some deep seated notions about money that ultimately limit your prosperity. Perhaps because of past experiences you may be attached to a notion of scarcity and lack and this may be blocking abundance from your life. Without even being aware of this your business will be reflective of these beliefs.

Unblocking Negative Beliefs:

According to financial expert Suze Orman, “The main underlying reason that some of us don’t have money is that our thoughts and feelings about money have become internal obstacles that prevent us from having or keeping what we want.” (1999) This may be reflected in a reluctance to do sales but the work that needs to take place is actually on a deeper inner level. Beliefs about money, prosperity, and abundance are often deeply rooted in our psyches. So how do you remove these obstacles to get on with the business of selling?

I. Step One-Creating Awareness Through Inventory:

Ask yourself how you truly feel about having money. Is there any guilt attached to this? Examine where your attitudes about money came from. What messages did you get from your parents? One way to uncover any blocks here is to write down why you deserve to be prosperous. This can reveal any feelings to the contrary. Write out all fears and fantasies associated with being prosperous.

II. Step Two-Changing Negative Beliefs:

Often just the awareness of negative attitudes and beliefs about money begins the process of letting them go. You can't force change, but there are different tools and techniques that may be helpful. Some of these include:

· Writing an ideal scenario describing your prosperity
· Positive affirmations
· Therapy
· Coaching
· Support Groups such as Debtors Anonymous
· Rituals to rid yourself of the negative beliefs e.g. write them down then burn/tear them up.

III. Step Three-Creating Your Vision of Success:

It's important to imagine how you would like things to be. Our imagination is a powerful creative tool. Once we can vividly imagine something, it often opens the door to manifesting it (Gawain, 1997). To help you create your Vision of Success write the answers to the following questions.

What would a truly prosperous life look and feel like for you?
Where and how would you live?
How would you feel about yourself?
How would you feel physically-spiritually-emotionally?
What would your relationships be like?
How would a typical day in your life unfold?

IV. Step Four –Cultivating Gratitude:

Literally "count your blessings", give thanks, allow yourself to enjoy them, and relish the experience of the prosperity you already have. This increases prosperity by attracting more of what you currently possess. One simple way to do this is to write a gratitude list (listing everything that you feel grateful for).

V. Step Five-Giving it Away:

Out-flowing (giving away our material gifts and talents) makes room for more to flow to us. When out of feelings of fear or insecurity, we cling to what we have, we cut off this flow.

Experience Abundance:

If you have a reluctance to sell or are experiencing a lack of growth in your business, consider following the five steps above; Creating Awareness Through Inventory, Changing Negative Beliefs, Creating Your Vision of Success, Cultivating Gratitude, and Giving it Away. These steps will help rid you of what may be blocking you and will open the door to let prosperity in so that you can experience abundance as you were truly meant to.

Author's Bio: 

Nicole Cutts, Ph.D. Leading Success Coach Expert specializes in Transforming People and Organizations for Success. Visit her website and sign-up for the FREE innovative and forward-thinking Tips-for-Success newsletter, “Vision for Success.”

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