My name is Stephanie Haber. I am writing to you today because I am burning inside to share with you the lessons I have learned.

When the Grateful dead said “what a long strange trip it’s been” they knew what they were talking about. How many times have you simply just shook your head, feeling like someone UP THERE had it out for you, or it just figured MURPHY’S LAW, again. If any of this is ringing a bell then stay with me for my story and I know I can help you live in a world of self riches.

I grew up the eldest daughter of an upper middle class family. Typical dysfunctional (I love that) divorced family, love with strings, abuse and lots and lots of rules, religious hypocrites and all of us kids growing up with no self esteem and WORSE. The only one who truly understood my plight was Jan (from the Brady bunch) to me she was the only one who understood that she wasn’t as pretty or smart and she was going to have to figure out another way.

For whatever reasons, and oh I have many good ones, all that matters is that I was an intelligent, witty, perky kid with no self worth and worse I learned lots of really bad lessons regarding love, boundaries, money and power.

I was intelligent but did not apply myself in school, although making friends and attending parties wasn’t the problem. I attended college and continued the pattern of not applying myself and having a lot of fun. However I had already begun my quest to make myself feel good, whatever I accomplished I felt empty. I tried drugs, sex, work, play…nothing made the BAD FEELINGS that I was stupid, not worthy and less than GO AWAY.

In college I started my 25 year quest to feel good about my self and be rich beyond compare. Two failed marriages, four careers and 4 kids later, I am happily married for the third time, have a blended family a fabulous career, my health and happiness. All my life experiences have brought me here and have made me the fabulous person I am today. 900 self help books and years on the couch and I have evolved into a self confident amazing wife mother and executive who is rich beyond compare.

I AM RICH!!!!! By rich I mean, rich in life, love, wealth and heath. I have written a series of books and articles to help to walk you through the changes that you can make…minus the 25 years.

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Author - The Road Map To Self Riches (Self Improvement book and Program)