ASTROLOGY is a Noble Science as old as the Ages of VEDAS. It is a Divine Science of Correspondences in that it applies Cosmic Principles to the Minutiae of every day Life.

Our Ancients had Studied ASTROLOGY and the Rules framed by them about Diseases, Personal Matters, Weather Forecasting, Calamities, Coronations, Wars, Rains, Earthquake, Personal and other Orbit incidents are corrects even today.

MARS is the Commander-in-Chief of the Planetary Kingdom. The Orbit of MARS is nearest to the EARTH and in Sky. MARS rotates upon Axis like the EARTH. The Exact Period seems to be 24 hours 37 minutes and 22¾ seconds.

MARS is also called ANGARAKA, KUJA, BHAUMA and LOHITAANGA. MARS is RED in Color. Significant of Strength, Force, Energy, Courage and Activity. It is called Hot, Dry, Fiery in Nature and Dress in Red Garments. MARS Rules over FIRE, FIRE PLACES, KITCHEN, ENGINE ROOMS, MINES & FACTORIES.

MARS Manifestation is Constructive or Destructive according to what use the individual makes of the Vibrations as indicated by the Position, Aspects and Location in the BIRTH/NATAL CHART. MARS is the God of WAR. Cuts, Wounds, Operations and Represents Army, Police, Weapons, Fire Arms and Enemies.

MARS governs Sex Organs, Bladder, Muscular System, Head, Face, Left Ear and Sense to Taste. MARS also Represents Brothers, Strength, Rules Youth, etc; MARS Rules over Iron, Steel, Surgery, Chemistry, Chemists, Dentists, Police Men etc; MARS gives Diseases of Heat, Fever, Smallpox, Boils, Jaundice, Headache, Sexual Wrongs etc;

MARS Rules TUESDAY. Color is Red. Signs are ARIES and SCORPIO. MARS is Exalted in CAPRICORN 28 degrees, and Debilitation in CANCER 28 Degrees. Aspects to 4th , 7th , and 8th Place from the Place MARS is Posited.

MARS is good Friend of SUN, MOON and JUPITER. Enemies are SATURN and VENUS, but Neutral to MERCURY. MARS GEM STONE is RED CORAL. Direction is SOUTH. Constellations covered by MARS are MRIGASHIRSHA, CHITRA and DHANISHTA.

MARS play a Significant Role in the Life of Men and Women. The People at large in very fearful from the Names of MARS and SATURN.

KUJA Dosha or The Term MANGLIK Dosha is a position of MARS which can be checked and Counteracted.

Remedial Measures have been provided to counteract the Evil Effects of MARS in a Lucid Way. On the Other Hand beneficial MARS makes the person Adventurous and of Independent views.

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Mr. G.V.S. Kumar has been Practicing Numerology &
Astrology since long time and Nurtured Good Predictive Skills Mr. G.V.S.KUMAR is an internationally acclaimed Celebrity
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Consultant & Panel Expert to some of Leading Astrological Services Organizations in India.

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Analyzing Lagna/Birth/Natal Charts and made Promising
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