If you have a niche website, then the obvious keywords for that niche have more than likely been used by many other sites.
At this stage you might decide your niche is already saturated, because when you put in a keyword millions of sites start to be displayed by the search engines. But don't quit! Don't even think about quitting. Become creative and put yourself in the place of the customer. If you were searching and had over a million sites to choose from, you might decide to use a different term to see if an alternative was any smaller. This is what you have to do when you are searching for the right keywords.
It is only by searching and then continuing your search you will find a list of keywords that are ideal for your website. Remember that your keywords will be part of your marketing. If you put in keywords that no one uses then your website won't be found by the masses. The opposite is also true as well, by using only well known keywords you will be listed so far down that people still won't come across you.
Balance is truly the key to choosing winning keywords. You will also need to keep on narrowing down the selection until you find the perfect keywords for your niche. Just keep digging until you finally find words that are being searched for and up till now very few sites meeting the need for those particular keywords.
If your website is a niche within a niche, let's imagine your website is about dogs. You could use the keyword dogs, but in truth your site is all about a specific breed of dog. You might find that the keyword for the breed of dog is a far better keyword to use.
When searching for keywords, don't go for the obvious because the obvious may not be the best keywords to use. Continue looking at your niche and see precisely what you are selling, then try and find keywords not only relating to your site but to your product as well. Look at the content you are adding, and just keep improving the keywords until you find the top combination for your website.

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