So, it's over three years on since the hit dvd 'The Secret' took the world by storm. Can you remember your first viewing of the movie? For many people it was a highly memorable occasion and for some, life changing. Many people finished watching 'The Secret' with renewed optimism and hope for life.

Disappointingly for many however was their inability to transfer that intial burst of enthusiasm and energy into an actual real sustained assault on using the law of attraction in everyday life.

In fact the vast majority of people are unable to make the secret work in their favour, particularly after just a few goes trying to do so. If this sounds like you do not be dis-heartened or despondent. Rather like learning a new language, it is a gradual process, of course you wil make mistakes but that doesn't mean you give-up, you just keep trying adjusting your approach until you get the results you are looking for. If it's not working for you right now then maybe it is that you just need some more practice.

I realise that may sound a touch patronising, to say, 'be positive', 'do not give up' and so on, particularly when the state of the planet today leads us to think more of failures than successess, what with the state of the world economy, natural disasters and mindless acts of violence that we so often read about these days.

Of course if your thoughts and feeling are reflecting these bad times then that is what you are going to draw towards you. So what is the real answer? How can I make the secret, positive thinking and the law of attraction work for me even after all of this time?

Well, here are a few tips as to how to do so:

1. Stop, stopping yourself from receiving. Yes that does sound a bit strange, I mean why would anyone purposefully stop themselves from receiving something they desired? Have a little think on this scenario: a young child is asking for directions from a policeman:

"Excuse me officer, would you mind giving me directions to xyz building?, please, would you mind, can you, can you, please, please could you, where is it, please..."

What is happening here is that there is no shortage of asking but unless the child keeps quiet and allows the officer to respond then they are not going to get an answer, ever! Then they may very well get disheartened turn around, walk away and of course miss the answer that the officer was willing to give at any time!

So, you may well be asking for your desires but are you allowing the universe to communicate back with you and giving it a chance to repond to you. It may come in very subtle ways, a line in a poem, a comment from a friend, an idea in a book but if you are not willing and ready to listen then you won't get any answer. For now don't try too hard, simply be happy that you have put your desires out there.

2. Patience. The world around us seems like a miracle in itself at times. Huge towering mountains, ridiculously advanced technology and so on but none of those things came into existence overnight. The world has certain laws that all things must abide with. Using the law of attraction isn't going to change them, it can only make them work in your favour and with you. So if there is something you desire, give it time to develop, don't expect miracles overnight, simply be patient!

Being patient will enable you to enjoy the process of achieving your goals,attaining your desires and will also stop you from becoming demotivated and giving up due to frustration.

3. Do you part through educating yourself. Don't view the secret and law of attraction as express delivery packages, as already said this is not the case but do think how you can accelerate the process. What action is it that you can be taking in order to attain positive outcomes. Often this will come in the form of education regarding what it is you want, maybe a particular book, course or whatever, but be proactive and do your part.

Like an infant trying to take their first steps, you have to do it yourself but you will get there a lot quicker if you can observe someone else who has achieved success. Mix with those people who are there already and it will help you gain a more vivid picture of what it is you want and of what you have to do to get there.

So rather than using the law of attraction, positive thinking and the secret as some unique magic wand, treat it as a simple effective process that you have to go through in order to obtain your desires. Look at it that way and you will get there a good deal quicker.

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