Why Isn’t All My Hard Work Paying Off?
If you are reading this, I am sure that you are motivated and have some dreams and goals you have been working towards. You read books, take classes, listen to teleseminars, and you apply these principles to your life. Perhaps you wonder why you aren’t progressing faster. The answer could be a hidden, but vital part of your mind.

Invisible Saboteurs
You may have noticed that more and more self-help experts are talking about subconscious beliefs and their effect on helping or obstructing your goals and desires.
It is absolutely essential that you pay attention to this, if you aren’t already doing so. Why? The answer is simple: these beliefs are the software that runs your life. Unfortunately, this software lies hidden within us and we don’t realize how we continually choose to keep running it and allow it to interfere with all our hard work.

Alignment Isn’t Happening
Think of it like this. Let’s use the example of a goal to increase your income substantially. If you are working very hard, using your conscious mind to make changes to your financial situation with no alignment with your subconscious beliefs, then your efforts will most likely fail. In other words, if you are being very conscious about your self-talk about your finances and money, using positive affirmations up the whazoo, and using powerful visualizations about your future financial rewards, PLUS you are taking concrete incremental steps to increase your business, yet still seeing little financial progress, it is probably some subconscious belief issue. If my conscious mind is geared towards financial success but my subconscious is harboring some unsupportive beliefs about money, my worthiness, or my financial success, then they are not in alignment. The radar or filter that we each have that acts as a gatekeeper between these parts of our minds is saying, “Oops, these 2 attitudes are not matching up. Sorry, we can’t work together here.” And, thus we continue to create lack or less progress because our subconscious mind holds the trump card.

Changing Subconscious Beliefs Can Be Fun and Easy
It doesn’t have to be hard to change these beliefs. Even though they are invisible, they are easy to identify and then to change. One of the simplest ways to see what your problem beliefs are is to write a list of potential problem beliefs. Think about things you heard growing up, things you have said to yourself, or may still hear from others as an adult. These are basic statements such as:
I’m not good enough, loveable, worthy, smart enough, not good with marketing, or statements about finances and money such as, money is evil, doesn’t grow on trees, easy come, easy go, can’t be spiritual and rich, I don’t need a lot of money, people with money aren’t happy, better to be poor and happy than rich and unhappy…you can add to the list I’m sure.

There are many ways to test whether any of these beliefs are strong within your subconscious mind. Muscle-testing each statement is simple and works well. Or you can simply get in a relaxed frame of mind, address each statement and notice your body and mind’s response to the statements. Journaling your response or writing a dialogue with yourself about the ones that you suspect are within you will give you the information you need. It can be helpful to have a ceremony or some process where you bless the old beliefs and release them. They served their purpose, and now you are releasing them.

The next step is replacing the old with the new. Think of this process as creating a new pathway in your brain. Thoughts or beliefs that become entrenched in our minds are like paths in the snow. The first time we have a thought, it’s like when you walk across freshly fallen snow and your boots make a path through the snow. The next time you walk the same path, the snow is packed down a bit more, and with each subsequent visit to the path, it gets more and more defined. You want to create this type of pathway in your brain with your new beliefs. Decide what your new beliefs are and write them down. You have to be using repetition in order to make the new belief work for you.

This is Where Music’s Power Comes In
Music has the power to change beliefs very easily. And, don’t we all want something to be a little easier these days? I know there are quite a few “systems” for changing beliefs, yet some of them are quite complex. I’ve discovered one of the best, easiest and most powerful. Music has been used for thousands of years to create and support change. There are several reasons it can help you easily change some of your beliefs. First, music can slip past that gatekeeper we talked about earlier. It slips “under the radar” because of several aspects of the music: vibration, the musical tones and the rhythm. It can also induce an alpha state where you are more relaxed and your subconscious mind becomes more receptive.

Once you’re in the subconscious mind, song lyrics that support the change that you desire, that speak to your magnificence and ability to do whatever you desire, can create new habitual belief pathways in the brain. Next, you begin to make that neural pathway. The repetition of the song will help to form a strong pathway to this newer, more positive belief. We’ve all had the experience of a song playing over and over in our head, and often when we don’t want it there! That’s an incredible power that we aren’t tapping into!

Intentional Music
Obviously not all music is going to be appropriate for this process. It’s important to choose music with lyrics that support your intents, goals and dreams. Begin by writing out what those things are and really know where you are headed. Then look for the music that speaks to each of those intents, goals or dreams. Pay close attention to all the lyrics in the song. If something is non-supportive or counter-productive to your direction, then you may create more of what you’ve been getting. The songs that DO support your goals and dreams are invaluable.

Play them a lot, and learn all the words. Sing along as much as you can. By doing so, you make yourself the authority. If you simply listen to someone else singing to you, the impact is not nearly as powerful. Whether you feel you can sing or not, do it. It’s not American Idol. It’s a tool that can change your life.

Saying affirmations will not change your beliefs. That is because they may be in conflict with that subconscious layer. How many of us have been using affirmations for years and years with minimal change? However, singing your affirmations and your new beliefs can be highly effective. Remember, it is the rhythm and vibration aspect of the sound waves and tones that are giving you access to the subconscious mind. It’s like you are slipping that gatekeeper a “mickey” and you go in and do your important work. You can also use self-hypnosis CDs to reinforce this work as they can access that subconscious mind.

You are Magnificent and Deserve to Live with More Ease, Balance and Joy
It is your right and your choice to live a life of more ease, balance and magnificence. You can change your beliefs and you will then see a huge shift in your energy and a corresponding shift in your outer manifestations. How exciting this time is that we live in. We are being guided to release so much that has been limiting our limitless capacity for joy, compassion, and abundance.
Give yourself a boost, with whatever other methods you have been using to move forward. Add on the incredible power of music and see yourself soar even more!

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Marcia Breitenbach is a national speaker, author, composer and leading psychotherapist in the field of change and transformation for 20 years. She shares her transformational intentional music through her Songletter ezine, receiving rave reviews from around the world. You can sign up for her music and tips for living your best life at http://www.themagnificentyou.com