The much hyped DVD, The Secret, has tapped into a genuine interest in the hidden side of things. At a time when people have lost hope in religion and there is a lack of direction in many lives, The Secret, offers its take on the invisible side of life.

I am heartened by its popularity, because to me, it signifies that Humanity is ready to take a new step in evolution. It is welcome because it has spearheaded a revival of one of the major laws that the Ancients were aware of, ie the Law of Attraction sometimes called the Law of Affinity. I prefer calling it the Law of Affinity because it is less emotive, and more indicative of the impartiality of the law.

However, one of the big disappointments about the recent exposure of the Law of Attraction, primarily through the book and movie The Secret, is the overwhelming materialistic approach. It is now time to fit the missing pieces of the puzzle, and give attention to the real significance of studying these laws. The Ancients, were only made aware of these laws in their Mystery schools. The candidate had to demonstrate that he was desirous of a spiritual life, a life of service, before he/she was made aware of these so-called secret laws. The Law of Attraction was not taught to enable the disciple to acquire material wealth, rather to enhance his spiritual life. And, incredibly, the pursuit of the spiritual life, brought with it, material benefits and comfort. However, it was not for material benefits that people invoked the Law of Attraction, rather, it was for the spiritual benefits.

The modern presentation of the Law of Attraction, The Secret, stresses the acquisition of whatever our heart desires, especially material things. To really understand the true significance of the Law of Attraction, we need to be clear about the needs and demands of the Soul and those of the Personality. What do we mean by Personality? It comes from the word persona, the mask that was worn by ancient actors on stage. Our personality is the sum total of out thoughts, feelings and manifestations. The personality, is the mask we use on the world stage. It is our little I. Our earthy self. It is absolutely essential on the physical plane totally necessary on earth. The only problem we may encounter is when we become slaves to our personality instead of mastering it and using it as a tool for our Soul.

You see the Personality in its raw form is acquisitive, demanding and selfish. It looks out for itself only. But when the Soul starts to manifest in our life, it influences the Personality for the better. The Soul is inclusive, expansive, giving.

So my major concern with The Secret is that it encourages the development of the Personality and fails to show how this Law can be used for the planet, for the good of the whole world.

In the long run it is always far better to identify with the Soul than the Personality because through our expansiveness, giving and inclusiveness, we actually attract all the material things that we need and that help us to enhance our lives. Whereas when we listen to the Personality need, we may ask for stuff that is actually harmful to our wellbeing and possibly totally unsuitable for our evolution.

So speaking practically, how can we begin to work with the Law of Attraction and enhance our spiritual evolution? Bear in mind that everything in the Universe is energy, even what appears to be empty space is energy in motion. And all energy has a frequency. So for example the color red has a slower vibration and frequency than purple, and a longer wavelength.

Similarly some emotions have a faster vibration than others. For example peace has a faster vibration than anger. Slower vibrations make us feel heavy and dull.

The saying: 'Birds of a feather flock together' is a reflection of the way vibrations work. When we have a thought or feeling, that thought/feeling, vibrates at a certain level, then it starts to resonate and vibrate with all similar thought/feelings, and comes back to you.

that's why if you are the sort of person who is always complaining, you will find that you will discover more and more things to complain about and you will feel heavy and torpid. Through the Law of Affinity, you have vibrationally linked up with all the complaining people on the planet. It's a self fulfilling prophecy!

And of course if you are very positive and see the good in people, you align your vibes with all those similar people in the world and feel better and better. Attract more positive experience to your life, and if it will serve you, you attract the partner, job or car necessary for your evolution.

Best of all, our Soul does not want us to suffer through lack or deprivation.

People opposed to the idea of the Law of Affinity will often raise the question about some of our poor who live in third world countries, they are deprived of all basic needs. Part of our evolution is to do with helping and uplifting our brothers and sisters on the planet.

There is more than enough for everyone on the Planet. Only when Humanity starts to collectively think and act from the Soul, will these problems be eradicated from the Planet. We will not tolerate this as a species.

Here is an exercise you can do. It resonates with your Soul, you become more peaceful and attract good things to you.

Make yourself comfortable. Calm your body and just observe your thoughts. Don't try to alter them, just watch them. Slowly you will find that they slow down...because you are watching start to think of everyone on earth as belonging to One your mind's eye, you see all of humanity basking in the sunshine. No barriers between countries. Everybody sharing and friendly...a breath of fresh air..see it, feel it, smell it..see it and feel it as clearly as possible. You will find that you feel different, you feel recharged and happy. The more you do this exercise, the stronger it will get and soon you will see and notice, tangible changes in your life...Better health, better relationships, sense of joy.

This is the next step in humanity's development. This is the next step in evolution that all of the readers and watchers of The Secret, will inevitably have to take. Because this is the only factor that will bring true peace and joy to our lives.

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