Losing weight is really not that difficult. It just needs a person’s conviction and dedication. So first step if you want to lose weight, you have to really want it. That’s the problem with most people. They know they have a weight problem, they start feeling miserable about themselves but they do nothing about it. Sure, they tried out all sorts of dieting, all sorts of exercise but it doesn’t seem to work. Why? Because if they don’t see any result, they want to see results immediately and that doesn’t happen, they start thinking how miserable they are and how intensive those exercises are yet so ineffective. Then they go back to their old ways, eating excessively and lounging themselves and staying inactive.

Losing weight does not happen overnight. Losing weight won’t be easy at first but it gets easier and easier. The more calories you burn, the slimmer you’re going to get and the healthier you will become. What’s the best way to lose weight? It all has to start from within. Think for a moment and ask yourself, “Why did I gain weight in the first place?” The answer: Because of your lifestyle and your eating habits. So, how do you change that? By changing your lifestyle and your eating habits.

Have you ever heard of stories from people saying that they looked at themselves in the mirror and suddenly they just told themselves, “I will no longer be this big person and I should start losing weight”? That’s the power of affirmations. They saw themselves in the mirror and it triggered a thought in their brain that they no longer want to be that way and they want change. They affirmed that thought and they want to become a new person. These are the people who actually end up losing weight and having a success-story to tell and inspire others.

Positive affirmation is so important in everyone’s life. It can solve all your problems; YOU can solve all your problems by positive thinking. If you have a weight problem, look at yourself and say “I will no longer be overweight. I will change my habits and I choose to have an active lifestyle.” Say this over and over again. Say it aloud! Shout it out! Enjoy the moment; enjoy the beginning of your new life.

Once you’ve started, you should not look back. You should not think of your failures in your past quest to lose weight. Instead, live in the present and inspire yourself everyday. Tell yourself, “I’m feeling much lighter now”, “I enjoy this feeling”, “I feel healthier now” focus on the new you. Indulge yourself in positive weight loss affirmations and seek for that complete change in you. Start changing the way you think and the rest will follow. Dieting will be easier, Exercise will be easier, Healthy eating will be easier and better it will feel rewarding!

Stay positive and achieve your goals. Lose weight naturally, there’s no need for weight-loss pills that could probably even do your harm instead of helping you stay healthy. Losing weight needs a change in lifestyle. You’ll change your lifestyle if you’d change your thinking. You can lose weight if you really WANT it in you. Make that change and choose to be healthy. It doesn’t need to be the first of the month, or start next Monday.. Start now. Go to that mirror and say I am thin, beautiful and healthy.

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Dino Ruales, researcher and technology developer for self improvement, creator of MindZoom Affirmation Software. Visit www.mindzoom.net