There is a secret that you need to understand when it comes to applying and using the law of attraction. We must learn to use our minds to observe, visualize, and affect our surroundings by harmonizing with the vibrations of our thoughts and varying the wavelengths of the environment around us that we wish to alter. The key is to get back into alignment with the environment around us.

The problem is that most of us have become tainted by our past thoughts, actions, and experiences. We have gotten out of touch of our natural being. There is a person deep inside each of us that is naturally in touch with everything around us. We must learn to become aware of the ease with which our senses become dulled to things over the years. Our minds, our hearts, and our bodies lose touch with the world around us. We must learn to reconnect with the world around us, and within us if we are to change the vibrations around us and effect the world at large on a larger, and quicker scale.

Learning to strip away the issues and impediments that stunt our growth and natural ability to connect with the world and vibrations around us is essential and important to our ability to attract what we want. We are often hindered by memories and attachment to specific outcomes in situations. We must learn to become locked into each moment as it occurs. Getting to the point that we are able to lock ourselves into each instant as it occurs, and respond naturally to that moment. Without allowing our past ideas, memories, and expected outcomes to influence our response.

As humans we tend to ignore natural things going on around us. There are literally hundreds of natural environmental experiences and impressions going on around us all the time. These are often crowded out or ignored by people on a regular basis. It's understandable why we do this. We have the shopping list on our minds, or what we need to accomplish today, or where we are going, or traffic in front of us, or a thousand other things that occupy our minds.

We must take the time to practice getting back in touch with the world around us on a regular basis. By learning to pay attention to our bodies and the senses that we tend to over look. What our clothing feels like on our skin. The way the air touches our bodies. The seat underneath our butts, or our bed as we lay down at night. The physical world is the easiest and best place to start to learn to get back in touch with the world around us. Once we are able to get back in touch with the world around us on a physical level, we are then able to move to deeper more subtle levels. At those levels, we can begin to truly change and manipulate the world around us with nothing more than our thoughts and emotions. This is the level that the law of attraction works on. Work on getting back in touch with the world around you on a physical level, and you will quickly begin to recognize the world around you change on a regular basis.

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