In 1991, I created my first Treasure Map/Vision board, after discovering the process in Shakti Gawain's book, Creative Visualization.

The action of choosing, cutting, arranging and gluing pictures of my desired future was indeed an extremely powerful one. Since then, I have received so many "Treasures" and have been living such an amazing life, that I felt compelled to share this process with as many people as possible.

In fact, many of my friends and students who designed and created their Treasure Maps/ Vision boards, are now living extraordinary lives. When you create a Treasure map the images are impressed onto the Subconscious Mind and the goals become long term sustainable reality, as opposed to short term fleeting results. (I will be referring to these boards through the article as Vision boards).

So many people achieve goals in the short term but somehow, don't have the "staying power" to keep the dream or goals alive. You may know people who work hard to achieve a certain level of health and fitness, but often its only temporary and they return to their old ways and lose the benefits of all their efforts. This same phenomenon can be observed in other areas such as; Careers - Working Hard to get a great new job, which turns sour, after a while. Relationships - Finding a great relationship which turns bad, after the initial excitement wears off. You can avoid these disappointments.

In a recent radio interview, I heard Lisa Nichols (from The Secret, DVD) say that when her Vision Board manifested, the reality was far greater and better than she could have imagined or expected.

Listed below are 7 Easy Steps, for you to follow to create YOUR own Powerful Vision Board and start living your dreams, desires and goals now.

1. Choose a poster board or a cork board to use as a background, color size are all personal choice. These boards can be wallet size or wall size.

2. Take a few minutes to think about and decide what goal board you are creating, is it a general life style goal or a specific goal. Then, flip through magazines and tear out whatever pictures and words impress or inspire you.

3. Arrange the pictures and words on the board with photos of you and loved ones in and around the scenes. This concept is to show your subconscious mind a "snapshot" of your desire future to activate the Law of Attraction.

a) If it's a relationship goal, you could get a picture of a couple embracing and cut your face out and paste it on the body in the photo.
b) You can do this with physical goals, if you want to change the size of your body, if you want to lose or gain a few pounds, chose a picture of someone you would like to look like and put a picture of your face on that body.
c) The same idea applies to houses, cars and vacation destinations; paste photos of your self and loved ones, in the picture, as if you were there and taking photos as you naturally would.

4. Add a powerful statement or affirmation that this is already so. (eg: "This manifests now, for the highest good of all concerned, easily, happily, harmoniously, Thank you.") Do you remember John Luke Pickard ( Actor- Patrick Stewart) from The Star Trek Series, saying to his crew "Make it so!" And they flew off through space to accomplish their mission.

5. Put a symbol of what ever spiritual source you believe in, to show you are partners in the creation of your life, with a higher spiritual source.

6. Place the Vision Board somewhere where you will see it often, and only allow supportive people to see it, especially in the early stages.

7. Celebrate by visualizing and affirming the pictures on the board are already in reality, to harness the law of attraction and draw to you Your Goals, now
Have fun, with this process and enjoy your results.

© 2008 Barbara Pellegrino - All Rights Reserved

Author's Bio: 

From the reefs of Australia to the rainbows of Hawaii Barbara is a renowned speaker, trainer, author and success coach. She presents her workshop, Vision boards and the Law of attraction in Action, in Hawaii. Mainland USA and Internationally. She is renowned for teaching people HOW to make their dreams come true using, Practical, Powerful, Proven techniques for rapid and successful manifesting.