How would you describe a self-confident person? Generally, many people consider a self-confident person to be a perfect know-it-all, who is the center of attention, and never shows weakness.

Some folks confuse the terms self-confidence with self-esteem. The former is cosmetic, and may not be a sign of your true nature. The latter is your true essence; a reflection of your core beliefs. Core beliefs are mostly formed before the age of seven. As youngsters, our subconscious is actually programmed with patterns that influence our behaviors and relationships for a lifetime. Want a simple way to reprogram your subconscious patterns, and strengthen your self-esteem?

In my book, I discussed the technique act-as-if as a means to bolster self-confidence. Children call it pretending, but we'll call it role-playing. Just behave as if you were absolutely sure of yourself, and secure in your view of the world. The reason this works is rather complicated, but a simple explanation is that your neurology begins to rewire itself to match what is being exhibited externally. The benefits of this go much deeper than just the superficial self-confidence. It affects your core beliefs, and influences your self-esteem.

On a recent teleclass, I was asked what one can do to become more self-confident. Well, any of the following will fit the bill:

- Smile a lot
- Distrust doubt
- Embrace change
- Maintain an upright posture
- Become a self-improvement enthusiast
- Acknowledge and develop your strengths
- Consider events as they are - and no worse
- Be willing to make mistakes and receive feedback
- Be willing to give compliments and constructive feedback

Keep this up for a few weeks, and you will begin to notice some confident behaviors becoming routine. Then you'll know that you have rewired some of your neurology. So, my advice is fake-it 'til you make-it.

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Dr. Brian Walsh is a clinical hypnotherapist and a specialist in accelerated learning. He helps people in their quest for personal empowerment by promoting brain-friendly strategies using his workshops, videos, teleclasses, books, and his self-hypnosis audio CDs.

He is the author of the bestseller Unleashing Your Brilliance and a contributing author to 101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life. His website is