Do you truly desire to become wealthy?

Are you sick and tired of all the hype and apparent false promises? Got the 'been there... done that...does not work' syndrome?

Some self-professed web guru says, "Do this and you will, like me, be able to create a million dollar ecommerce income. Just follow my system and you will succeed."

So, you believe the sales pitch and do exactly what he says to do and it does NOT work.

You know in your heart that something is not right; something is missing. Your desire is still there, though; so you buy into a different bit of advice from yet another marketing guru who says, "Do this and you will succeed."

Again, you do what is suggested and it does NOT work for you. Why? It has worked for others. You've seen the proof. What's missing?

The same thing is happening in your offline life. You work at your career but the success that you see happening for others continues to elude you. Why? What's missing?

The missing element...

The shocking truth is that you can do exactly what has produced million dollar incomes for others and never succeed. In fact, it does not matter what you do... without the one missing element, you will not ever be able to create the success you desire.

Yes, there is a secret. But guess what? You already know it. It is not complicated. It is not hidden. It is not exclusive. It is not hard.

In fact, the formula for creating extreme wealth is extremely simple. It is so simple, it can stated in just three words.

Almost everyone has it all backwards...

This is how many people think: "Once I have a million dollars, I will be able to do the things that millionaires do and I will be a millionaire." WRONG.

This is how many other people think: "If I just do what millionaires do, I will be able to become a millionaire." WRONG.

Becoming wealthy...

You don't become a millionaire after you have a million dollars. You end up with a million dollars after you become a millionaire.

You don't get the millionaire mindset after you develop the millionaire lifestyle. You first develop the millionaire mindset and then you get to have the millionaire lifestyle.

Here is the secret you already know...the missing element in almost every wealth creation system...the simple three word formula.

Be, do, have...

Here it is in plain language...the secret to becoming wealthy...

Step one: Become a millionaire.
Step Two: Do what millionaires do.
Step Three: Have the million dollars. (or more)

That's right; first you become a millionaire. You can spend your whole life doing what millionaires do and never become a millionaire, until and unless, you first get the millionaire mindset.

In other words, if your head (and your heart) is not already there, no matter what you do, you'll never have the millionaire status and lifestyle.

The proof...

I could give you a million dollars today and there is a better than even chance that within one year, you'd be broke again.

Over 50% of people who become millionaires through inheritance blow it.

Over 50% of people who manage, through luck or hard work, to create a million dollars, file for bankruptcy within 3 years.

Over 80% of people who win millions in a lottery are further in debt in five years than they were before they won their millions.


They never developed the millionaire mindset. They never became millionaires. They just had (temporarily) the million dollars.

It is not what you do that creates million dollar incomes.
It is who you are and who you are constantly becoming.

If you imagine it was a second rate OS called DOS that made Bill Gates into a multi-billionaire, you are wrong. It was his mind. Or more correctly, what was in his mind. (No, not the coding for DOS and later, Windows.) It was, and still is, the quality and consistency of his thoughts. He knows how to think wealthy thoughts.

Napoleon Hill had it 100% right.

The formula is... think and grow rich. Unfortunately, for most people, the formula is also...think and grow poor. Your results depend entirely upon what and how you think.

I'll tell you right now something you may not like to hear. It is, however, something so liberating that it can immediately empower you to create the life of your dreams.

Ready? Here it is: Your success (or lack of it) is all in your mind.

If you are truly desirous of becoming wealthy and you are not wealthy... it is because your thinking is all wrong. It is not the fault of the marketing guru's system that it did not work for you. It is not the events and circumstances of the world around you. It is all in your mind!

If you want to have more, you must first become more. Before you go about doing the things that create wealth, you must become worthy of wealth by learning how to adopt the millionaire mindset or else you will just end up, yet again, wondering why it does not work for you.

If you do not first get your mind working right, it will not matter what you can duplicate the exact formula that someone else uses to create wealth.. and it will NOT work for you.

Stop struggling...

Why mess around with trying to manipulate effects? Go straight to the cause...your thinking. Become causal. Get the millionaire mindset.

Once you have become a mental millionaire, you can do almost whatever suits your fancy and you will create the million dollar income. If you then decide to follow a proven system, it just gets easier to create the wealth you desire.

In fact, the same wealth creation system you are using right now that does not work, will suddenly and miraculously begin to work as soon as you apply the formula...BE then DO then Have.

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