Pierre Teilhard de Chardin: We are not a human being having a spiritual experience. We are a spiritual being having a human experience.

When we realize our innate spirituality and the capabilities we have to grow and progress in that direction, we are living 'the plan'. This plan is one that you have created with God to live and grow in the many aspects of your own personal talents and skills.

This plan is our personal covenant with the God of our own understanding. He works for you just as you work for him. It is a symbiotic relationship.

God creates all the energies. We can manipulate and re-direct the energies to make life the best it can be for ourselves and our families.

To ignore that the plan exists and/or to bypass its benefits for your life will cause the discomfort of mind that is so prevalent today. We are just not meeting our potential for spirituality that is so inherent in our nature.

Discontent of the mind is like pain to the body. It is telling us that something needs to change. We have inbuilt benefits of our own urges and understandings in our growth.

You do not need a religious following. You DO need a personal covenant (promise) with the God of your own understanding that all is in order in your life. And you will live it to the best of the plan that you can, when you figure out your path of spirituality.

All paths lead to God. It is the personal plan of each to reach that God head when they follow their plan. Everyone has a purpose and sometimes sharing that, allows others to find a hint on their own path.

But personal responsibility dictates that we each have to find our own way. There is no one else responsible for our decisions or directions in life. We have free will choices at every step of the way.

How we choose to follow the plan, or not, is up to our own understanding of our own spriituality. We are not clones of one another, we are individual, independent and unique beings ready and willing to grow into the best person we can be. That is the plan.

The problems we encounter in life are lessons we must learn. They are stepping stones, one to the other, for us to learn and grow in our spirituality.

When we take the value of the lesson and leave the stepping stone behind, we have gained in understanding. When we try to pick up the stepping stone of experience, we are stuck by the weight of its lesson and not the value that could be gleaned.

Our plan is progressive and forward into more for our lives. We can use all the urges, sensitivities and even psychic talents within to enhance the journey. Spirituality comes first, then the rest will be added on.

While it is a personal journey for each of us, and each is on a unique path, it is important to interact in relationships to enhance this plan. In that is our understanding of what service to others means. How we interact, in love or fear, is a measure of our own growth.

God bless the journey.

Author's Bio: 

Judy Merrill is an accurate, experienced, Professional Spiritualist Medium, available for private readings, parties, corporate events in the GTA and Southern Ontario. As an ordained minister in Spiritualism her attention to the needs of her clients is paramount.

Judy is an educator, writer and curriculum Developer/Tutor of courses in Basic and Advanced Modern Spiritualism, Mediumship Understanding & Development, Spiritual Healing. Judy's efforts have defined standards of excellence for Spiritualism workers. She has been responsible for encouraging students for certification in speaking, demonstrating, healing, as well as ordination.

Judy Merrill is an accomplished Motivational Speaker and Demonstrator available for large or small groups. Motivational speaking leads the seeker to find their own path through the tools of consciousness offered.