The Spiritual Teacher must not become a crutch, a tranquilizer, or a dependency which undermines our inner strength.

He or she should be like the battery charger, which we connect to our batteries in order to get our car started when its batteries are low.

Once the car is running we do not remain attached to the charger but we disconnect it and continue on our own power.

Or he or she is like someone who helps us by pushing our car until the motor starts up and then we move on freely alone.

Or he os she should be like one who comes across someone whose car needs pushing. we push until it starts moving on its own and then we let it go.

He or she is indispensable in the beginning.

It would be difficult to move forward alone at first.

Later on he or she becomes an obstacle to experiencing our own power and inner guidance.

We need to experience our own power, wisdom and our direct connection to the Divine.

From the book "Contemporary Parables"
by Robert Elias Najemy

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