People are always asking me, "How can I get ahead?" But that isn't what amazes me that they ask. What amazes me is that sometimes they really, sincerely don't know what to do, and don't know how to do it. And when they hear it, a lot of times it's a revelation from out of this world.

Let me make it real simple for you. There are three things, the way I see it, that you need. You need more education, you need more motivation, and you need more intelligent action. Three things, no more. You want to be wealthier right now.

Well, for wealthy people, people who are ambitious, people who are on the move, people who are creating things—the thought never even comes as a conceptualization, and certainly as an unexamined precept of life, that they don't need more education. Oh, Lord no.

We're in economic crisis right now—all the media is saying so—and I recently thought, "You know, there's got to be opportunity here." And just yesterday, I ran across a friend of mine, Bill Bartman, who is offering a course on buying distressed assets and motivating them to perform.

Of course, it's an odds business, right? But you see how times are bad, so let's go into it. Do you see how education works? I don't know how to do that. If I want to do that business, it would behoove me to pay him whatever his humble fee is and get on with it.

Successful people know that education is for life! Successful people know that motivation is for life. Hey, we offer the based on this exact premise: that you must go the extra mile in education, in motivation, in effort.

The leverage component is a totally different idea – we’ll return to that precept later, I promise you.

What the heck?! Let’s go for it now!

Right now we're talking about motivation, and that's what the Sub4Minute Extra Mile is based upon—giving you that dose. Because we also know that leverage is important. The man who set the world record for the four minute mile, Roger Bannister, focused his exercising to less than 30 minutes a day during lunch hour in a busy pre-med schedule.

That's what we're talking about—more motivation. A little, regularly, with power, goes a long way!

So we have more education, more motivation, and more effort.

You know, contrary to the designs that you're frequently sold on the backs of some of these magazines and on some of these glitzy, ritzy sunglass websites, the more successful people do work hard. They do put in more time, more effort, more energy.

Now, of course they're driven by passion, so it's not tough—but they do. And that's what I wish that you do. Take it as a life-long commitment. Engage into it now.

You are always on a quest for more and profitable education, for powerful motivation. And more intelligent effort!

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