Turning your financial dream into reality revolves around a secret that too few acknowledge and apply.

What is the secret? Successful entrepreneurs apply a triad of focused activities. The majority of accomplished individuals possess a solid foundation, a defined direction, and a proven model.

As summarized in the book, Wealth Habits, your solid foundation is comprised of purpose, passion, wisdom, expertise, ideas, goals, and diligence.

And as pointed out in Success Essentials, your defined direction is discovered, charted, and followed when you recognize and deal with process, vision, insight, map, barriers, focus, energy, expectations, and opportunities.

But without a solid foundation and a defined direction, it is more difficult to adopt and apply the proven model revealed in The 5 Secrets.

To illustrate the importance of this last point, reflect on this question:

How can I expect to generate prospects, convert prospects, sell more, expand revenue, and increase margins if my personal life remains unanchored and I'm not sure where I want to go?

Individuals of great accomplishment, such as W. Clement Stone, Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, and Og Mandino have written volumes on the need for a solid foundation, a defined direction, and a proven model. Current titans of success continue to apply this time-tested triad of focused activities. Why? Because it simply works.

When you consider how few entrepreneurs take action based on this triad of focused activities, it's understandable why so many are drowned by a torrential waterfall of challenges instead being sustained by a steady stream of successes. If the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship have beaten you down, take heart...the course to help you reach your financial dream has already been mapped.

Keep in mind that it's not one thing done perfectly. No, it's mastery over a triad of focused activities. It's practicing skills and applying wisdom within three keys areas so you can perform intuitively. Your focused activities empower and enable you to work smarter, not harder.

Don't think of the triad as separate pieces; instead, picture how a solid foundation, a specific direction, and a proven model will work concurrently to your benefit. With focused activities based on the triad, you can overcome daily challenges to embrace unlimited opportunities and achieve your financial dream.

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