This is perhaps the most important question anyone can ask: What is the purpose and meaning of life? All the material possessions and attainments you gain; all the relationships in which you are involved; everything you achieve; all the glorious thoughts and dreams you entertain; all the feelings and emotions you experience; all of these originate in one place, and lead to one destination: the ever expanding YOU.

Who and what you are, govern all the results you have: your success or failure; your achievements, your relationships, your thoughts, your feelings. And in turn all these things you experience and enjoy, are for the benefit and delight and learning of you, your BEing. And so the cycle of life continues, but always, the central focus in your life must be YOU.

"You are the purpose of your existence." writes philosopher and mystic, Thomas Michael Powell ( "Although few people understand it, the purpose of your existence is to perfection yourself, to polish your being. The purpose is to move from who and how you are now, to who and how you want to be."

So if the purpose of your life is to move from who and how you are now to who and how you want to be in this life, what are you doing about it? How are you "perfectioning" yourself?

You do this by experiencing who you are in ever more expanding self-awareness and self-accepting love. Then you can begin designing who you want to BE-come.

If you want to "perfection" yourself, you can only work (focus) on one aspect of yourself at a time; change that, then focus on the next aspect.

Who and how do you want to be? What do you want to achieve or experience in your life? What's stopping you from experiencing this right now? What kind of person will you have to become in order to be able to fulfil your dream? What changes can you begin to make today, in your character and consciousness that will gravitate you toward being this more empowered and aware person?

You can see that you will have to make serious and expansive changes to your character if you want to become the person of your dreams. And this is the purpose of life in a nutshell: To discover who and how you are now; to envision who and how you want to be, and then to take the necessary steps to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

So every day, working on some small aspect of your self will gradually evolve you into who you want to be. Then at the end of your days, you will be able to say with the great sage: It is no longer I that live; it is My Father that lives in me". What does he mean by these words? He means that he knew who and how he was. He had raised his light-filled awareness and expanded his love-filled consciousness so much that he knew he came from the One and was headed home to re-integration with the One (the Father and I are one).

And this, my friend, is your purpose in life; to "perfection" your being and move to your ultimate destiny: re-integration with your Source. The purpose of life is not about what you have or achieve, it's about who and what you BEcome, then everything you desire will fall into place.

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