He is depressed since years but he doesn’t know the reason behind it, sometimes he finds himself sad without knowing why and sometimes his mood swings with no apparent reason. He is not that successful or that happy and he blames the government and luck for it.

But there is an inner voice inside him telling him that he doing the wrong thing, it’s telling him that he has lost his way and it’s telling him that he is fighting the wrong enemy. It’s begging him to know one thing, to know his real enemy.

Who is Responsible for This?

There once was a man who did set very high goals and after he failed to achieve them he turned to be bad tempered, easily irritated and he lost his faith in God. He turned all of his anger to the people around him and even to God Himself. The Man was fighting the wrong enemy instead of fighting the thing that really bothered him. Instead of directing all of his anger towards achieving his unmet goals he directed it towards other persons and objects whom arent responsible for his problems.

Whom should I Fight

How many times have you found yourself depressed without knowing why?
How many times have you started a fight with your neighbor because you were already carrying inside you some accumulated anger?
How many times have you blamed the wrong person or the wrong entity for your unsolved problems?

Examine every aspect of your life now and see if you know your real enemy, Examine this newly acquired bad temper and see if you know what caused it. Examine those drugs you are taking and see whether addiction is what’s really behind it or whether its just your desire to escape your problems. Examine this smoking habit you have newly acquired and see whether nicotine addiction is what’s behind it or whether it’s just your external dependency. Examine your life and see if you are happy or take a deeper look to know why you are unhappy.

Some people spend their lives escaping their problems or fighting wrong enemies, some people just smoke and drink heavily because they only want to escape their problems. Some people become desperate, helpless and depressed just because they are turning their backs to their real enemies. Some people live unsatisfied with every aspect of their lives just because they don’t really know whom to fight.

Know Your Enemy

Sit down and bring a paper and a pen and trace the root of all of your problems and your unhappiness. See who is really behind it and see whether you know who is responsible for it. here is an example list of few real enemies that you might have wrote down

1-My Fears
2-My Unmet goals
3-My Lack of self confidence

As soon as you determine your real enemies declare a war on them.
Write it down on the same paper.

“I declare a war on my fears, on my lack of self confidence, on all of the things that bothers me in life, on everything that is stealing my happiness, on everything that is making me depressed and on everything that is standing in my way”

Writing this down will send a signal to your subconscious that carries the message that you aren’t accepting to be beaten down, that you are going to fight until you get what you want and that depression is not an option.

Know Yourself

Sometimes the greatest enemy lies at the shortest possible distance you could ever imagine. Sometimes the greatest enemy lies within you. Lack of self understanding can make you fail to control your emotions, can make your mood swing without an apparent reason and can make you depressed without knowing why.

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