Happiness has many levels. It begins with feeling good about yourself; feeling positive expectation as you explore the possibilities which life has to offer you for your personal growth and expansion. It is about experiencing new and meaningful realities that make you feel good about who you think you are. Happiness is your positive self identity at any given moment in relation to any specific event. Happiness is the most expansive emotion on the love scale, for it encapsulates every other positive emotion from good to ultimate ecstasy. You cannot have love without happiness nor happiness without love in some degree.

So your happiness is primarily your experience of love for who you believe yourself to BE. The purpose of life after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and ever richer experiences. - Eleanor Roosevelt, 1884-1962

Let’s explore this idea in greater depth. First, ask yourself, Who am I? Very few people have the courage or even the interest to dive into this question and stay immersed until they come up with an enlightening answer. And yet the answer, as it continually evolves, will give you perhaps the greatest understanding and most profound spiritual realizations of your entire life.

Your life is all about you: your experiences, your learning, your relationships, your contribution, your personality and above all, your identity. What do I mean by identity? Your identity is the answer to Who am I? The path to discovering your identity and creating it daily, is what your life journey is all about. It’s not about what you do or achieve; it’s not about what you have; it’s all about who you are even while you continue to become.

It is you who ultimately create and sculpt who you are and how you show up in life. Read again what Eleanor Roosevelt says in the quote above. To taste experience to the utmost. To do so requires full immersion with conscious awareness of how you feel and who you believe you are in relation to what is happening in the present moment. Do you experience your experiences to the utmost?

This may not be as easy a task as it seems at first glance. Most people live in a semi-aware state of detachment, or of non-commitance or even non-participation in life. It takes courage and self-responsibility to taste and experience (life) to the utmost and the only way you will ever be able to play the game of life full out is to answer the question of all questions, given above, Who am I?

So let’s dive in where few dare to go. The truth about happiness depends on accepting the truth of who you are. And this is precisely your greatest task in life. This realization is ultimate happiness and ultimate love. The process of this discovery is life’s greatest and most delightful challenge.

This challenge is called the Existential Imperative: the return of the flame to the Fire, the drop of water to the Ocean. The quest is to rise to the surface through the muddy waters of life so you can catch a glimpse of the pure light of the Sun and discover your sense of being who you are meant to BE.

How do you do this? How do you discover who you are and where you have come from? The answer lies within your own spirit: never outside of you, always and only within your own heart. If you seriously want to learn more about how to become the positive, powerful, valuable and lovable person you instinctively know you are, I recommend you get this amazing book: You Are the Creator of Your Life, by Thomas Michael Powell, creator of the spiritual science of Psycanics. You will find this excellent book here: www.holisticwealthcreation.com/psycanicscreator.

Philosopher and spiritual teacher, Powell will show you, step by step, how to move from where you are now to where and who you want to be. There is a profound step by step process for accomplishing this, for clearing the muddy water so the light of the sun reaches the very depths of your spirit. If you have read this far, you need to read this book. A whole new world will open up for you, a marvellous, empowering experience that will indeed reveal the ultimate truth about happiness: your happiness. For more inspiration go to www.holisticwealthcreation.com.

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Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and holistic spiritual life coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. To establish balance and holistic wealth creation in all areas of your life go to www.holisticwealthcreation.com and see Marie's blog at www.holisticwealthcreation.com/blog.