Love Based vs. Fear Based Decisions

“The Universe provides us with two wells to dip into: love and fear. What one do you draw from to create your life? The answer to this question is critical because thought is the first part of creation. As we think, we create; and therefore, our lives are the reflection of our thinking on all conscious levels.” – An anonymous friend

As a firm believer in metaphysical sciences, I spend much of my days, and definitely my bike rides, pondering the theories that encompass the practices of the metaphysical world. Through my pondering and studies, I am constantly reassured by the Universe of its concepts through signs and confirmations. Concepts such as: our thoughts create our reality; although we live in a fear based society, love based decisions should be made over fear based decisions; and if you let something go—even for a moment—having your energy off of it will draw it to you if it’s meant to be. In the realm of metaphysical sciences, the fear based versus love based decisions is one of my favorite topics to ponder because its message is so crystal clear, and once recognized, is one of the easiest metaphysical concepts to explain and to master.

When a faced with decisions, the choices at hand are driven by two primary emotions of the Universe: love and fear. You would think that having only two choices when making a decision would make it fairly easy to decide, yet many people are caught between love and fear, and sadly end up blindly choosing the fear option over the love option.

Fear based decisions are often chosen over love based decisions on a subconscious level, a level that controls many more of our thoughts than we are aware of. Besides our past life influences, we are programmed by our parents and society from the moment of birth to behave and think in a way that nurtures fear.

Fortunately, the more spiritually evolved we become over our lifetimes, the more we begin to recognize that we cannot function in that linear capacity. Hence, we learn to create our own world—a new, brighter world where decisions are made from the heart, not fear created by the mind.

The response I receive from people who know about my career shift is the ideal example. Everyone who thought it foolish that I gave up a “stable” career to “chase the dream of becoming a writer” is basing their opinion on their own fears. What I know is that when we are truly passionate about our dreams, believe in ourselves through thought and action, and follow our path, the Universe provides us with all that we need to reach that goal. The trick is our own undeniable belief.

I don’t take offense to people thinking I was imprudent to quit my steady teaching gig to become a writer. Why? Because I’m confident enough in my beliefs and my path that I didn’t worry about having to defend my actions down the road. Nor do I preach what I practice to those who seek my advice about their own career changes. Why they ask me in the first place is interesting…maybe they want me to convince them that they too can take a leap of faith? Yet, the only way to succeed is to leap with faith, and unless they can honestly do this, I don’t recommend it. Not all have the complete faith…not all are ready to believe with every ounce of their being. As one friend often tells me, “People don’t do things until they’re ready.” When they’re ready, they’ll take the leap and dive into the love based well. Until then, they remain in the fear based well, often wondering what could be, rather than actually experiencing it.

My passionate belief in this topic inspired me to write this poem.

Leap of Faith

Toes dip in the cool lake
Retracting rapidly
Is it too deep?
Is it too cold?

A glance around the lake
The reflection shimmers prospects
Are they too far reaching?
Will it be safe?

Another toe dips in
And stays a moment longer
Maybe I can do this?
Maybe it will be okay?

On all tippy-toes
Arms stretched out
Just do it
Don’t look back


Author's Bio: 

Heather Hummel is a writing coach based in Charlottesville, Virginia. She works with clients who need a hand polishing their manuscripts, writing query letters and book proposals, and contacting agents.

Heather teaches writing classes and is an active member of the International Women's Writing Guild. She will be a guest author at the IWWG Big Apple conference in October, 2008.

Heather's published works include Gracefully: Looking and Being Your Best at Any Age (McGraw Hill, 2008), Blue Ridge Anthology, Albemarle Family Living, and Messages of Hope and Healing.

Heather is a graduate of the University of Virginia with concentrations in English and secondary education. Her website is