I’ve been chipping away at my ‘Personal Peace Procedure’, using EFT to systematically clear accumulated emotional debris from the past, for some time now and would like to share with you how I learned the value of tapping on absolutely everything that comes up, whether it seems to have an emotional charge or not.

A long, long time ago I was given a couple of practice papers in preparation for the Eleven Plus exam and in my hurry to complete the papers in time I made the mistake of answering 7 x 0 = 7.

For the rest of my childhood, and on into adulthood, whenever I made a mistake or appeared to be dithering over something, the cry would go up from those around me ‘What’s 7 x 0, Linda?’ and someone else would answer ‘7’ and we’d all fall about laughing!

As I tapped away on blocks to moving beyond my comfort zone, this memory from long ago kept popping up. But that’s just an old family joke, I thought to myself, why would I need to tap on that, it’s just funny!

In the end I simply couldn’t ignore it any longer and set about tapping in a resigned sort of way. Here’s what I remembered.

· In assembly later that week, we were given a stern address by the Headmaster on the importance of passing this exam and being careful not to make “stupid mistakes such as 7 x 0 = 7”. I felt my heart fall into my boots as I waited with baited breath to see whether my name would actually be mentioned in front of the whole school!

· It was also mentioned at parents’ evening and my father pointed out that this was a really careless mistake and I should be sure to pay more attention in the real exam.

· How ashamed and humiliated I had felt at the time.

As I tapped, the feelings of shame and humiliation quickly gave way to anger at the way I had been treated. After all, this was the kind of mistake easily made when working under time pressure, and did not mean I was stupid.

As I tapped away the anger, I began to see the impact this experience had on my behaviour down the years. I’ve always loathed making a mistake in case anyone sees me make it and thinks I’m stupid. How many opportunities have passed me by because I haven’t been prepared to go outside my comfort zone and risk getting it wrong again?

I tapped away the anger and regrets over missed opportunities, finishing with several rounds on the importance of making mistakes because that’s how we learn, choosing to profit from my mistakes, it’s ok to make mistakes, there are no mistakes – only feedback, and so on. I’m beginning to reap the benefits now and find I am more inclined to take a risk where before I would only ever have retreated.

My hope is that this story will inspire you to pay attention to everything your subconscious delivers up for tapping, whether you think it relevant or not. Tap all over it and set yourself free from the past!

Linda Anderson
EFT Advanced Practitioner & Trainer
+44 (0)1799 531315

Author's Bio: 

Linda is an EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner and AAMET accredited EFT Trainer.

She is passionate about EFT and her world has transformed since discovering this powerful tool for getting beyond fears, pain, depression and absolutely anything else holding us back from being the very best we can be.

She offers EFT in person or nationwide by telephone (it works beautifully on the phone). She runs EFT trainings and weekly classes combining EFT and exercises in awareness to help participants escape the diet trap once and for all.

“What I firmly believed was incurable lifetime depression has been overcome by persistent use of EFT. The telephone sessions were quite amazing. It was wonderful to be in my own environment while receiving one-to-one therapy. The best of both worlds I would say!” L.M.

“I got on the flight and was absolutely fine. In fact I thoroughly enjoyed it all, especially the second take-off after we had to drop passengers at Manchester” Mrs C.

“My son Ben (10) had an increasing fear of the dentist … Thank you for what has been a life-changing experience for Ben” Mrs N.

Areas of Expertise: EFT, Tapping, Energy Therapy, Weight Loss, Phobias, Stress Relief, Anxiety, PTSD, Stop Smoking, Back Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Low Self-Esteem, More Confidence, Performance Enhancement, Panic Attacks, Migraines, PMT, Dyslexia, Limiting Beliefs