As we've seen time and time again, people kill themselves when fortunes are lost. Like The Great Depression.

And as we've also seen people kill others when fortunes are lost, often their own families. It's something that happens with animals when their offspring get sick or when the parent knows it's sick and won't be able to care for the babies. Rather than leave them to fend for themselves, they sometimes kill them. My first harsh lesson with that was with a family of hamsters back in 1987.

So are we hard-wired into our own animal programming? When our finances take a nosedive, are we to follow?

I didn't bother to check how much I lost in my various tas sheltered annuities and retirement accounts over the past week. I'm sure it was a lot. Those are for the long term. I choose not to put attention on them.

Others do, and that's great. They see them in their "power zone."

I exercise control over what makes sense to me: my products, my coaching, my avenues of leveraged income. I've got a few of those.

I exercise control over skills, my emotions, my inner peace that allows the channels to prosperity to stay open...even when more than a trillion dollars disappears from the global economy.

No swan diving. Too many people depend on me - for financial strength, for emotional strength, for companionship, for guidance, for love.

And too many people depend on those who take the swan dive, including those who will replace them in which they work. Is THAT the role model they want.

(And by the way, the "swan dive" doesn't have to be an actual suicide. Long term despair in any form is another form of swan diving, maybe even worse in some ways because there's no closure.)

Please understand this: anything we make can be remade - stronger and better, with lessons learned.

If we have SKILLS, including the power to learn and grow, we can do it all over again.

And we don't have to be attached to the "stuff." I'll never take a swan dive for a swimming pool, or a house, or any amount of money and the alleged "security" it represents.

The phrase is "Happiness is an Inside Job." I agree. So is security.

There's a sunrise every morning.

You have your wits to get you around.

You have the ability to be independent and INTERDEPENDENT.

You can start over anytime and decide where you want to be.

You can cultivate an enjoyment of any aspect of life, including the lean times. It pre-paves and prepares for the good stuff.

You don't have to be attached to the symbols of what you've manifested. The meaning of your stuff is exactly what you assign it - no more and no less.

Other people's opinions of your status is outside of your control. Focusing on it creates an external locus of control. Now your emotions are dependent on someone else's approval.

No Swan Dives. Appreciation. All is well. You won't starve. You won't freeze. Creature comforts come and go.

You're going to be fine. You have you, and that's all you've ever needed.

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Larry Hochman is the founder of NO MORE HOLDING BACK. He helps individuals and groups break through self-imposed limitation and achieve success in business, careers, relationships and happiness. He is a long-time educator, counselor, author and entertainer. Join the free NO MORE HOLDING BACK support and networking community at And take a look at my books and audio series at