Third installment of the fictional expose,
“The Passion of the Black Wolf.”

The Way

The other day I was sitting in my car watching my dogs when I had an epiphany, or a channeling, whichever you prefer. I noticed that, generally speaking, like colored cars tend to park close to each other in large lots.

This apparently petty observation was to have explosive consequences. It became clear to me that the car incident was just an outward sign of our instinctual need to “take spiritual sides.” Dark energy on dark energy. Light energy on light energy. Those who live life in the now on top of those who live life in the now (pun not intended, but it works).

The sad truth of the matter is that it doesn’t make any difference where we place our loyalties. All of our fates remain the same, physically. The Human species being one of the apex predators on our planet, even preys upon itself, a true sign of impending spiritual disaster.

As I have said on numerous occasions, “we are not alone.” Our limited perceptions prevent us from experiencing life as it truly exists. Look at your dog for a moment and be amazed. It can hear things and sense things that we can only dream of. Even more astonishing is that we have become victims of entities that take our perceptual weaknesses and turn them into modes of predation. Yes, they are the true top predators of this World.

We are in a bind, and at the moment I only see two possible scenarios for our kind. The first is that our over population of this planet (six billion and counting) is going to eliminate what few resources remain, providing us with even more conflict, and the eventual decline of Humanity. A true feast for the beings that call us “domesticated.” The other option, which was widely assumed to be truth when I was growing up in the sixties, is that we will allow ourselves to destroy ourselves in one dynamic event. While this option is not as preferred by the dark entities, it will provide temporary supplies as they look elsewhere for nourishment.

Of course, a third option would provide the balance that is needed in this world. Unfortunately, the wheels of governments move slowly, too slowly in fact to protect ourselves as a species. It is up to the individual to decide how he or she is going to figure into the mix. How he or she is going to defend his or her soul from the eventual collapse of our kind. This is the true test of manifestation.

David D. Brown

Author's Bio: 

david has studied and practiced working with dark energy for a minimum of twenty years.