The Wise Mind is one aspect of higher consciousness. Other aspects are love, peace, light, and compassion. The Wise Mind is a part of the superconscious, and everyone has the capacity to experience it when the conscious mind becomes quiet. The Wise Mind is the voice of the Universal Self as it speaks through you. It is the great macrocosm, the whole expressing itself through the microcosm that is you.

To put this in perspective, you can understand that there are various levels of mind or consciousness. In addition to the superconscious state, there is also the subconscious mind in which all of our experiences are stored, as if it were a library or a vast database that chronicles everything that has ever happened in our lifetimes. There is also the conscious mind, known as everyday waking consciousness.

Most of our ills are caused by a lack of connection with all parts of our being, including the superconscious state; yet everyone has the ability to make this contact. The only things in the way for some people are the blinders that they wear that prevent them from even looking. These blinders are doubt, ignorance, inner darkness, emotional chaos, or the myriad of traumas and wounds that keep people from looking toward the inner gifts.

What Can the Wise Mind Tell Us?
The Wise Mind is crucially important to the healing process because it can shift your view of your own reality. Doing this can lift you out of dark places and misconceptions in a matter of moments. The "Wise Mind" is the higher faculty of advanced consciousness, wisdom, or guidance that is innate in the human organism. Through it, you bring forth experiences that arise from an inner source. "What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" is a life-altering question. Perhaps your Wise Mind would like to tell you what an entire experience in your life has meant to your growth. It may show you an answer to a dilemma. It may give you ancient wisdom to put your own situation in perspective. It may show you a way of living your life that puts you on a more fruitful path. Connecting with the Wise Mind in an ancient art. The healing temples of ancient Greece and Rome are perfect examples.

The Ancient Healing Temples
The ancient healing temples of Greece and Rome are fascinating forerunners of our current transformational paradigm. These great temples are one of the predecessors of modern healing. There was an extraordinary order of priest-physicians around 1200 to 1000 BC. Their great leader was Aesclepius, and their accomplishments were miraculous. When Aesclepius died, temples dedicated to him were often built near healing waters, like the spas of today. The temples were places of beauty and sacred dignity.

In these healing temples, patients were diagnosed and treated according to dream experiences that they had there. They would come to the temples and be prepared for the healing process. They'd be clothed in white garments, and they were brought onto couches, where they were instructed to dream a healing dream. In the morning, the patients told their healing dream to the priest-physicians, who then prepared the formulas for them. Amazingly, the patients recovered. Blind people recovered their eyesight. Scars were removed. A boy recovered his speech. People were cured of all kinds of ailments.
The Medicine that Exists Inside

Like the ancient ones, we too acknowledge that there is an inner "medicine" that we can find within ourselves. We can find answers in the deep resources of our inner mind. We recognize the wealth of information that lies in the Wise Mind, and we can honor what comes forth as the rich material of our healing process. In this sense, we are our own priest-physicians.
Every human being is equipped with an inner source of wisdom. When you ask yourself, "What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" a brilliant answer might emerge from the depths of your consciousness. While it's good to look in books to find precedents for healing one issue or another, there's another place you can go. It's not the library. It's not the Internet. It's the great temple of healing that lies at the core of your own inner world. Each time that we make this connection is an opportunity for an experience of the divine.

Looking at Deep Stress
Dan, the head of a growing company, looked at his feelings of stress. His stomach bothered him. His sleep was fitful. He was frequently grumpy and irritable. He looked deeply at the knot in his stomach, allowing himself to feel the constriction. He noticed that his heart was beating faster than he knew it should. He asked his Wise Mind to give him some understanding of what was going on:
First, his Wise Mind pointed out that the donuts and fast eating weren't helping at all. Next he began to receive wisdom about the dynamics of his work life. He saw that he had people around him who were not supportive, who tended to undermine him - not everyone, but enough so that it was a huge drain on his resources and energies. His Wise Mind told him to look on an even deeper level and notice the pattern in his life. He looked and saw that his own family didn't support him in fundamental ways; there was always some undermining that went on in their dynamics together. This formed in him an element of getting used to the situation, a "comfort zone " that was truly not comfortable at all. His Wise Mind prompted him to attract supportive people into his life, to make significant changes, both within and without.
More from the Wise Mind

At 31, Maria knew she needed to do something drastic. She felt like she'd cut herself off from her feelings, she really wanted to be married, and she was having a hard time recovering from a massive blow she'd received at age 16. That's when her father had jumped from a fourth story balcony and killed himself. She carried around a constant undertone of sadness. She knew more than anything that she wanted to open her heart up and heal. When her dad jumped off that building, she'd shut herself down. But now she was ready to open up, and her Wise Mind spoke to her, saying:

"It's okay. It was no one's fault. All people go through ups and downs and sadness. Dad didn't want it to happen either - but he was extremely sad. His physical problems ran in the family, and the problems overpowered him."

She communicated with her dad: "I'm so sorry it had to happen. I wish you could be here with me." In her mind's eye, she and her dad showed each other their love. Her Wise Mind again spoke to her:

"He's with you on another level. Sadness has opened your heart to another level of living. Don't be afraid to feel it and write about it, and as you do, it lifts from you and there is rebirth - springtime."

That word, "springtime," came to be Maria's healing word. She felt light and warm, good and open. She knew that this healing had to have gone beyond her intellect, to the deepest place in her soul. All her past migraine headaches ended, and she entered a much happier phase of her life.

Finding the Center of Being
By allowing herself to pay attention to this situation, she found the center of her being. She found the state of wholeness and peace that is her true nature. This is a profound healing process that honors the challenges of life, considers them to be instructive and then transforms them into ultimate illumination.

Everything that has happened to you has played a part in your development. Everything that has taken place in your life is an opportunity for awakening. All of it is worthy of your awareness, and all has the potential for transformation. The Wise Mind often indicates the significance of particular experiences in our lives and invites us to move into a new dimension of understanding.

The Wise Mind is Brilliant
The Wise Mind is that part of the self that is able to stand back and see from a greater perspective. Transformational Wisdom is within every human being. It's brilliant because it's a reflection of the great Universe, itself. The Wise Mind is a part and parcel of the Universal Source, as it exists in microcosmic form within us. God spoke to Jeremiah and said, "Call to Me, and I will show you great things that you do not know." Everyone can do this. The question you may want to ask to help you to get there is: "What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" You may be stunned at the answers you can receive.

Everyone Has a Wise Mind
Everyone has a "Wise Mind" - the capacity to access the part of self that carries wisdom - absolutely everyone. It's not the same as the conscience, the Jiminy Cricket on the shoulder, which carries a moral or value judgment. It's an innate capacity of the superconscious state that people carry within as a part of their birthright. It's a homeopathic remedy in the soul that understands the wisdom in any given life situation. You may be given specific things to do about the situation. You ask, "What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" As soon as you ask this question, you find yourself in another level of your consciousness. You may be moved to a more elevated state from which you can see the situation in new ways. You come to know the larger picture into which your own life situation is set, and that instantly transforms the situation, itself.

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Look for the new book, The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing, released in November 2007. The author, Marilyn Gordon, is the Director of the Center for Hypnotherapy in Oakland CA, and you can find out more about her and the center at or 1-800-398-0034.