Such trips seem to autogenic training. They can also be described as managed imagination. During this trip you imagine a story that you or someone tells it unfolds itself. Fly off into the world of fantasy only in a certain position. No, you do not need any preparations for the British "wheel" who do not know the road back. You only need to learn to relax and indulge the imagination that you come to mind. Such trips often practiced at seminars, courses are available on CD, which can be heard at home. The objectives and impact of the imagination. Speaking of imagination, I mean "tour" because you pogruzhaetes in fantasy. As you explain it is up to you and belongs to you. Thus, considering your imagination and experiences, you can learn a lot about yourself. Or to "travel" may be a simple relaxation, coping with stress. Ever notice that the goal can be done. These journeys can develop creative skills, or use your imagination to make some personal decisions to find a way out of difficult situations. Journey to a world of fantasy and personal experience. In many workshops to develop fantastic frequently performed exercises to self-discovery. The idea is to go on a tour in the future and see themselves in 5-10 years. Or are you going back to the past, to see a child. Is there a risk? The usual imagination - free drugs is not dangerous. Of course, such a trip can cause negative emotions, presenting the horrible pictures. But you do not need to fear this. Your subconscious, your personality "broadcasts" only what you are ready. View imagination. The purpose of the trip is to relax and the emergence of different emotions and imagination. This means you need to comfortably sit / lie down and listening history during which you have emotions and perceptions. Through deep relaxation you get access to your subconscious. The areas activated in your brain, which are responsible for creativity and imagination. In our society often encouraged logical thinking, thus we seldom resort to creative and think that we would not succeed. But it is wrong, because all of us know how to imagining. A capacity for imagination is the great prerequisite for creativity.
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