As a lifelong student and advocate of natural healing and alternative medicine, I have read, studied, and tried almost every diet ever published. But the diet I found to have by far the most power to heal is called the yeast-free diet.

This is the diet that cleans, renews, and restores the human immune system, thereby allowing the body to heal itself. It is simple, effective, and powerful. Everyone can use this tool to chart a path to wholeness during any stage of disease, or simply as a preventive measure.

I personally have witnessed amazing turnarounds from cancers, allergies, asthma, upper respiratory diseases, COPD, depression, Alzheimer’s, mental disorders, fatigue, PMS, arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. The list also includes autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, fibromyalgia, colitis, Crohn’s disease, hypothyroidism, multiple sclerosis, ALS, and lupus. Also helped have been weight problems, skin diseases, chemical sensitivities, chronic fatigue syndrome, headaches, digestive problems, addictions, ADD, ADHD, autism, cravings and mood swings, heart and circulatory disease, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels, ear, nose, and throat problems, hormone problems, and urinary tract and sinus infections! The list goes on and on.

It is becoming recognized that there is a fungal link to all these conditions!

My personal experience with the diet came years ago when I developed a systemic yeast infection (also called Candida albicans) after taking antibiotics. In my search for a natural solution, I found a wonderful and gifted naturopath and medical intuitive who correctly diagnosed a mild systemic yeast infection and gave me a copy of her yeast-free diet. In a few days, I started to feel healthy again. The fatigue, aching, brain fog, and digestive complaints began to fade, and in three weeks, I felt totally renewed. Truly a miracle.

After that, I started working with this naturopath as her appointment secretary and was privileged to work with her for the next nine years. During that time, I saw most of her patients use the yeast-free diet and gradually heal their immune systems and themselves—just as I had. In an effort to guide and help her patients stay on the yeast-free diet, I began to collect and modify recipes to be yeast-free. Eventually, the first edition of The Yeast-Free Kitchen was published, then a second edition, and two years ago, a third. I continue to see and hear about healings of all diseases (especially chronic ones) from people who use it.

What is yeast? How did we become so infested with its overgrowth? Yeasts are benign organisms that live normally in harmony with the friendly bacteria in our intestinal tracts. They were designed to stay there in proper balance with each other, each contributing to the digestion of food and providing population control for each other. They were also designed to wait until our death, at which time they are programmed to proliferate all over the body to break it down and decompose it, thereby keeping our planet clean. Think about what the earth would be like without them! We’d all be hopping over dinosaurs and everything that died since the beginning of time!

But two things happened. First was the introduction of antibiotics, steroids, hormones, and birth control pills at the end of World War II. Fungal infections were rare before their advent. Second came the meteoric rise and increased use of processed and highly sugared foods.

Because yeast loves to feast on these items, it was stimulated prematurely to break out of the normal confines of our digestive tracts and travel through the bloodstream and lymph channels (where they were never intended to go). It circulated throughout our bodies, establishing new colonies in our hearts, lungs, pancreas, kidneys, ovaries, prostates, brains, and doing what it was designed to do: decompose. Now, instead of waiting to go to work at our deaths, it is trying to decompose our bodies while we are still living!

What happens during this process? As huge colonies of yeast burrow through the colon walls and escape into the bloodstream (creating leaky gut syndrome), yeast turns vicious and morphs into its fungal stage—its most dangerous, aggressive stage. It then begins to colonize all over the body, eating tissue to remain alive. As it lives and dies, it gives off mycotoxins (yeast poisons) and an alcohol called ethanol, which circulate in the bloodstream. Then whole hosts of symptoms begin to emerge, from just feeling lousy, to allergies, to digestive complaints, to asthma.

As yeast continues to grow and the immune system becomes more compromised, more serious diseases develop. A terrible downward spiral begins as more symptoms appear and more antibiotics, steroids, hormones, birth control pills, and drugs are prescribed. As our internal terrain becomes more and more unbalanced and unhealthy, the opportunistic yeast/fungi go into a feeding frenzy and can cause death.

The only way to stop their progression is to stop feeding them! That is where the yeast-free diet comes in.

When you remove what feeds and stimulates yeast to grow, they literally starve to death. Eventually, balance is restored in the colon and digestive tract. When that happens, the immune system is relieved of its burden of supporting huge colonies of fungal overgrowths and can function as God intended. When the immune system is restored, health is restored.

What feeds or stimulates the growth of yeast? Unfortunately, the answer is found in many things that have become ingrained in our culture and lifestyles. Beside the already mentioned drugs, the top culprit is refined sugar. Americans are woofing down over one hundred pounds a year of the stuff—per person—in the twenty gallons of ice cream, three hundred cans of soft drinks, and fifty pounds of cakes and biscuits we consume each year. Yeast loves it first and foremost. The diet banishes it first and foremost.

Medical research is proving that cancer cells are notorious sugar junkies. The cells multiply frantically when glucose is present, and conversely, they self-destruct when glucose is removed.1 Glucose elimination is the Achilles’ heel of cancer cells and has always been the cornerstone of the yeast-free diet.

Next, our love affair with dairy products and caffeine has produced uncountable crops of yeasts and fungi to torment us, so the yeast-free diet excludes them. Alcohol (which is pure yeast mycotoxin) produces untold misery for us through bumper crops of yeast and so is forbidden. Mushrooms are fungi and feed the fungal population in the gut, and so these are also eliminated. Yeast breads must go. (Since yeast makes bread swell, it also makes us swell with yeast.) High-sugar bananas and grapes and all dried fruit are on the no-no list. Since vinegar is fermented and contains mold, it is not allowed. Beef, veal, and pork, since they contain steroids, hormones, mycotoxins, and antibiotics, are banned. All artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame, NutraSweet, Equal, and even Splenda should be banished from your diet forever. They are dangerous, and yeast loves them all.

But, don’t panic—there is plenty of good food to eat. You will dine happily on chicken, turkey, lamb, wild game, eggs, beans, rice, potatoes, pastas (in moderation), veggies, salads, some grains, fruits, soups, seeds and nuts, tortillas, yeast-free breads, nuts and nut butters, honey and maple syrup (in moderation), popcorn, muffins, cornbread, biscuits, pancakes, tortilla chips, a few desserts and smoothies—all while the yeast beasts die.

One of the best features of this diet is that it isn’t a life sentence, but a sentence to life. A minimum of twenty-one days on the program will kill a majority of yeast colonies—if you have a mild condition. You can then ease into a more varied diet. For most major diseases, three to six months is advised, and for major diseases of the brain, a year might be needed. Thereafter you should live closely to the diet, with occasional forays into no-no land.

I hope you will feel motivated to add the yeast-free diet to your game plan for health. It will require resolve, discipline, perseverance, and patience, but you are worth it. Your life and your health are worth it. Your future may depend on it. Now go get well. Godspeed!

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Jane Remington is a lifelong student of holistic medicine and natural healing therapies. After her introduction to the yeast-free diet and the subsequent restoration of her immune system, she continued to study and research the subject, eventually publishing The Yeast-Free Kitchen. It can be purchased from or from the publisher at You can also visit Jane’s Web site at