Throughout the ages there has always been a class of people that seem to excel above the rest. They prosper while the rest barely get by. It seems almost as if they have a magical power to attract all that is good.

In our modern times, these are the people that effortlessly make the most money, enjoy vibrant health, live in the finest homes and drive the most luxurious cars.

Consciously or unconsciously they employ a natural, infallible law. The law of attraction is the master key to wealth, success, health and happiness.

Defining the law

The law of attraction says that like attracts like. This law is set in motion and activated by the thoughts held in the mind. Any predominant thoughts held in the mind that are ignited with strong feelings will invoke the attraction of that which is focused on.

In other words, by consciously focusing on exactly what we want, and mixing strong emotions to these thoughts we begin the process of attracting the people, situations and things needed for the accomplishment of our ultimate goal.

This law is a law of nature. It is working in our lives everyday. Our only real choice concerning the law of attraction is whether we will direct our thoughts, thereby deliberately attracting the exact things we want, or whether we will allow our thoughts to run uncontrolled allowing the law of attraction to operate by default.

Knowledge of this law places you in a unique position to bring into reality all the goals you desire. However, the law of attraction is a double edge sword. It doesn't differentiate between good or bad, success or failure. It simply attracts to you whatever dominant thoughts you are holding in your mind, period.

How to use the law of attraction for home business success

Many people begin a business with super-charged excitement. They are filled with hope and a grand vision of the future. But once they bang their heads with the smallest obstacle, the dream killer is let loose... DOUBT.

Doubt insidiously begins taking over the thought process. Slowly, but surely, doubt grows and fear unleashes it's devastating power.

Just as thought and feelings invoke the law of attraction, doubt and fear also carry the same power. You can doubt nothing or fear nothing unless you give it your mental energy. To doubt or fear you must place your focus on what it is you doubt and fear. By so doing, you are invoking the law of attraction. You are drawing to yourself those exact things by giving your mental energy to them.

Therefore, it is of supreme importance that we maintain our mind occupied with a single purpose. That purpose is to focus on only the things that we want. The mind can only hold one thought at a time. If the fear of failure enters the mind immediately replace it with the crystal clear picture of success. If the mind is drawn to notice poverty eradicate the thought by focusing on abundance.

This very second you have the ability to instantly begin invoking the power of this amazing law. Eliminate doubt entirely. Cast away fear. Create your own positive mental obsession by focusing entirely on the your ideal and ultimate outcome. Set the law of attraction in motion by directing your thoughts and it will bring you unimagined success in business and in life.

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