The only constant in Life… is Change

By the time you finish reading this sentence, you will no longer be the same person you were when you began reading it.

That’s right!

Each and every moment your body composition is changing. Metabolism occurs at cellular level and new cells are forming all the time, while old cells are dying and being transported out of your system. Every part of your body is made up tissues which are always “on the move”, adapting to stimuli and transforming them selves. All you are is change!

Right now you are holding onto beliefs about your identity, and these beliefs are self fulfilling prophecies, ensuring your illusionary experience of yourself and your life. No matter what you think you are, you are always more than that.

Change is constantly occurring not only on the physical level, but simultaneously on the mental, psychological and more subtle levels too. The only reason why you experience repeating thoughts and similar outcomes in your life is because your neural networks (the information channels in your brain and nervous system) are so familiar with your conditioned model of the world, that you’ve established habitual responses to your experience of life.

Some of these habits are useful and sometimes they prevent us from being open and receptive to new ideas and creative energy. This phenomenon occurs because as children we were programmed to accept things as per the “laws of reality” which dominated in our society and in the minds of our caregivers. Often we end up adopting an outdated map of reality, and so history repeats itself and progress is stunted. In this way limiting beliefs about who we are and what we are capable of have become engrained.

Each of us is frequently exposed to creative opportunities and new possibilities, but our conditioned mindsets filter them out. Life is about Change! Our addiction to comfort zones eventually leads down that bumpy old road to dis-ease.

Perhaps now is the time to wake up! You can stop in those deeply worn ruts of that well traveled road, take a moment, using all our senses, and become more consciously aware of where you are and where you’re going. Allow the flow of present moment awareness to inspire your mind. Pay attention to the options, ideas and synchronicities which don’t occur to you when we’re plodding along that well beaten track of narrowing perspectives. Now you can notice how new opportunities will light the way to alternative routes which leading to more desirable destinations.

Change is always occurring. The trick is to become aware of change as it happens and channel it in a way that serves your purpose. As you awaken to this fact of life, you can consciously begin moving with the unique flow of your life, riding the wave that’s rolling in just for you; or you can continue trying to make your own waves, in the same old fashion, and continue getting the same old results.

Some may say that only dead fish go with the flow, well, that’s the mainstream kind of flow and certainly not the unfolding of your life’s greater purpose kind of flow. You can awaken right now to the undercurrent that’s always there to guide you. Tune in to the still depth of your heart and be all that you are…changing.

The only constant in Life is Change. All you are is Change. And you never know how far a change will go!

We are on this planet to experience the magnificence of our true nature and to actualize our unique purpose in this lifetime.
- Jevon Dangeli -

Author's Bio: 

Jevon is an internationally trained and accredited Coach, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic-Programming) and HNLP(Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology) and Hypnotherapy.

He has also studied various other forms of personal development, success mastery, healing modalities, meditation, philosophy and spiritual systems around the world since the mid nineties.

Jevon is the developer of the Authentic Self Empowerment™ method and has produced a series of pioneering hypnotherapy and brain entrainment CDs -