Article writing is an effective form of marketing your business if done correctly. It’s another great tool to use to build an online presence.

The first tip to remember is it must be a good article. Your articles must have good content. I love the phrase “Content is key.” This is so true. Bring value to your readers. Your article needs to deliver information that will allow your reader to visualize the outcome and take action. Find a unique angle, a good hook, and develop a conversation with your reader.

Write articles in conversation mode. Connect with the conversation that is already running in their mind. Complete every thought for your prospect. Build trust and respect. Get in touch with their passion.

Be able to pass the “so what” test. Provide benefits to your reader. A good example is - Now you will be able to write an effective article. Now you will be able to increase your sales 120%..........If your article writing doesn’t pass the “so what” test, go back and tweak it.

Every word has to earn its keep, especially your headlines. The language can’t be boring and stiff. You aren’t trying to win awards. You are trying to make money. Keep it exciting.

Keep it simple. Write in a simple language. You want your articles to be full of information and content, but in a language that the average person can understand.

Did you know what the most important word in article writing is? You. Yes, the most effective and important word in writing any article is you. Appear at all times as if you are on the reader’s side. You are their advocate.

What at about Search Engines? Yes, you will want to integrate key words in your article writing. But always write for the HUMAN first. Writing articles can be fun and a large part of your business, but you want your readers to read it from start to finish. If an article is stuffed with keywords, but has no HUMAN interest, it’s useless

Effective Article Marketing requires a few good keywords and key phrases. These words and phrases should be relevant to the topic, and the article context. These keywords and key phrases must appear seamlessly in the article, and not disrupt the natural flow of the content.

To become a master, study the masters. As with any subject, if you want to learn, learn from the best. Pick out a few master copy writers and study them. Sign up for their newsletters, take notes and become a student.

Don’t think you can write? Yes, you can. The most important step to article writing is to get started.

Grab a piece of paper. Get in front of your computer and just get started. Write down your thoughts. Writing articles is fun, effective and will help grow your business.

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Lisa Willard is a mom, life time learner and entrepreneur. Lisa has worked from home for many years, coaching and training others on how to be successful in a home business. Contact her at