The value of life

If you don’t let go of your worldly worries about the future
and making a living, you will regret it.
Follow the Way, or all of your days and nights
will have been lived for nothing.

Zen Master Dogen

The function of the Dhamma Master is to encourage their disciples to follow the path of wisdom, and to show, by their own example, the true Way. This is not a Way of belief and blind faith, but of an active and personal investigation into Truth. To know for ourselves, directly and without doubt, the reality of being.
In the end, this investigation is the only thing that has real value in our life.

Being a part of a large group or organisation may bring a sense of security, when we can feel that the views we hold are ‘normal’ whilst the views of others are wrong, but without wisdom we only continue to compound the confusion of the world.
The Master lives quietly and alone, even in the midst of others. For him (or her) there is only Dhamma, manifesting in each moment and in all things. There is nothing to say, nothing to do, nothing to get and nothing to become. There is only the reality of oneness. The connectedness with life itself. No longer outside seeking and craving security, but only simply being in the moment and in the reality of ‘the way of things’.

The obstacle to our peace and the real security that is found only in wisdom, is fear, and this is a powerful tool for those who, for whatever reason, wish to manipulate others.
The world of Western society, manifesting in education, advertising, banking and insurance tells us that we should always worry and be concerned for the future, even from our earliest days. The Master shows us that our fears are always empty and that in every moment the only one truly causing our anxieties and our worries in life, is ourselves. We do this by being asleep, by accepting as real the delusions of society.

To penetrate these delusions and pass through them is our path to freedom.

Not to give our full attention to Dhamma is to waste our life, because ultimately, only wisdom will end our suffering.
Even if we can have all the pleasures of the senses, and all the worldly security possible, suffering will still exist for us. Somewhere deep inside our being the seed of worry will take root and grow, because only to cover and hide it will not destroy it. There is no place where suffering will not find us unless we ourselves become the Master. This, we can only do, by devoting our life to the real investigation of Dhamma. Not religion, not politics, not social issues and not worrying about things that in this moment do not exist. Only the pure and beautiful Dhamma. The Truth!

The future is the great unknown, but our relationship to it is determined by our understanding and our wisdom in this moment. How can we be afraid of that which does not yet exist? Only through delusion. How can we be free? Only through wisdom.
Before we know Dhammic wisdom as the reality of our life we cannot understand how it can be to live a life without fear or worries. The moment we have it, it is as though we wake up from a deep sleep.

The title, Buddha means ‘the one who is awake’, and this is our opportunity now, if we really understand the value of life.
To be awake in our life and so be free from the delusion that keeps us prisoner in our suffering.
The Pure Dhamma teachings are always the same, given with love and without conditions,

‘Work hard for your own liberation, for to be free in life is the only thing that has value’.

Author's Bio: 

The former Buddhist monk, Pannadipa, Michael kewley is now an acknowledged master of Dhamma (carrying the title Dhammachariya). He trained in the Theravada and Zen traditions of Buddhism and now teaches around the world.