When you receive the Seal you will experience theonoia where you share thoughts with God. This is what tempted Adam and Eve to eat of the Forbidden Fruit but for you today it is no more a curse but a blessing.

God created the world and the universe surrounding it in seven days. On the fifth day He created the first man Adam. He breathed spiritual Life into Adam once He had shaped him out of the earth.

And that is how God will set the Seal upon you. He will shape the Seal out of the earth and impress it upon your forehead. Why is it shaped from the earth? Because it is the little piece of earth where a single wheat Seed is sown.

The wheat Seed sown in your soul when you are sealed is Jesus Christ. He will grow up from your soul and bear Fruit. And when He bears Fruit you can sow that as more seed and cultivate also the message of salvation and believers in it.

By cultivating the message and believers in it you will bear much fruit in your little garden. And you will want to share the message of salvation and of becoming sealed with the believers in your message.

But you will want to share with God even more. Because God will be your best friend, and you will want to talk and listen to God as often as possible. And you can share some of these conversations with other people.

You can bless other people with some of what you have shared with God, and what He has shared with you. You can encourage other people to get closer to God just like you are now closer to Him.

When you have conversations with God it is known as theonoia--thoughts with God. You will think of God and you will begin to think to Him as you also talk to people. You will think to God, talking to Him.

And God will think to you and talk to you. Sometimes you will be able to see a light come down from above and rest upon your head when you get an idea about something God has said.

The best and most blessed inspiration comes down from above like this. It comes down directly from God. And you can take part in it. You too can get closer to God. You can talk to Him. And listen.

God will also affect your feelings. He will give you a feeling of pleasure from day to day, especially His own Pleasure He will share with you. So you will be motivated--even driven--to do what is right.

And God will heed what you are doing just like you need to heed Him. If you are heading in the wrong direction He will show you by changing the way you feel. You will know when God cautions you and you will proceed with caution.

But these feelings are only part of your communication with God. You will also trade thoughts and ideas. You will try concepts and ask God about them. He will often answer your prayers while you are speaking or writing them.

God is the ultimate master of reason and logic and He will reveal some of His own Conclusions with you. But God does give you some explanations which require you to simply have faith and believe them.

The serpent told Eve in the Garden of Eden that her eyes would be opened if she ate the Forbidden Fruit. That was true--it did give her thoughts like those of God. But that brought death upon Adam and Eve. Your theonoia will bring you new Life.

When you are sealed you will think with theonoia. You will have thoughts with God. You will think not only of God but also with God and for God and to God when you receive the Seal.

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