This is important breaking news. There is a pole shift occurring right now and it will definitely affect you and your family. In fact, it may determine the future existence of your relationship and family life altogether.

Men and women have poles just like a magnet.

They each exhibit a feminine and masculine pole. The matchup of these traits go a long way to determining the viability and durability of any relationship. Basically, there are the four poles.

Masculine Man
The macho man who rejects feminine ways as weak and ineffective.

Feminine Man
The sensitive man who exhibits strong feelings and seeks to bond.

Masculine Woman
The independent woman who is strong in spirit and avoids being weak.

Feminine Woman
The subordinate woman who avoids assertiveness and is deeply feeling.

Which type are you? Which type is your partner or spouse? That match has a lot to do with your compatibility and happiness in life. This is one of the driving influences behind the change couples notice in one another as time goes by in the relationship.

When you are dating you put your best image on and conform to a degree to suit the attraction demands of the other person. As time goes on and you get more comfortable around one another you begin to slowly revert back into your natural patterns. If the human poles oppose each other there is a noticeable gap and friction that develops and threatens to tear the relationship apart.

The Masculine Man is impressed by the Feminine Woman because her feminine side offers him balance and wholeness in life. Opposites attract because they offer completeness to being. By relating to her in the relationship he begins to develop and bring out some of his repressed feminine traits. As soon as that happens he begins to reject this feminine change and with it her influence in his life. He may become overly dominant as he compensates for this feeling or leave the relationship because he feels she is thwarting his masculine interests or smothering him with her feminine needs.

The Feminine Man is impressed by Masculine Woman because her independence and willingness to take control and get things done supports his weaker easy going organized personality. However, her strong characteristics will soon begin to bring out his repressed masculine traits and he may experience a strong inner conflict. This may be because he simply doesn't feel comfortable with those masculine patterns or that he has repressed his natural masculine aggressive traits because of childhood emotional trauma.

The Masculine Woman is impressed with the Feminine Man because he is often organized and has his life in order. This matches her need to be self-sufficient with her life and affairs in order and under her control. Feminine Man believes in balance and sharing control so there is little resistance on her part. He fulfills her need for relationship without threatening her desire for independence and control. She may enjoy the natural feminine traits that Feminine Man helps to pull out of her at first, but as time goes on she will view these traits as a sign of becoming weaker and dependent and she will either reassert her independence or leave the relationship.

The Feminine Woman is impressed with Masculine Man because he fulfills her need for comfort and security. She does not have to make decisions and be responsible for everything in life as he naturally assumes that dominant assertive role. Masculine Man is not accepting of weak feminine traits except for his own masculine desires so he is barely tolerant of her feminine side in daily living and helps to bring out some of her repressed masculine traits so she can keep up with his masculine demands. In response she may evolve into Masculine Woman and reject him as a viable partner, withdraw into an emotional prison of her own design or leave the relationship after countless attempts to make it work.

We are not stuck in a human form like Jello that takes on the shape of a bowl. We choose to be what we are and are free to alter our thoughts, actions and directions at will.

What will you Will?

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Mr. Gentry has taken to heart the lessons shared with him over the years by his mentors. He continues to enrich himself through sharing his knowledge and insight with others in the attempt to better society by making even the slightest positive change in his fellow man.

Knowledge is worthless if it is not shared and utilized for positive direction and improvement.