Have you ever wondered how it is that birds fly? I mean, there’s more to it than just the physical stuff... the feathers, the wings, the aerodynamic design.

I got to believe that a big reason they can fly is because they think they can. That’s what they do... that’s what other birds do (at least most species).

Well, this got me to thinking... we all do many things in our lives because we think we can. We’re encouraged to crawl, then toddle, then walk, then run. We’re encouraged to talk, to read and to write. Well, heck... with lots of encouragement and a huge dose of belief and confidence... we can do many amazing things - because we think we can!

So, what would YOU do if you believed that you could do it? Would you climb Mt. Everest? Would you start a new successful business? Would you find that special person who is meant to share the rest of their life with you... and raise a wonderful loving family with them?

I’m a firm believer that you truly can do so very much in your life because of your beliefs. You build your confidence with small successes, then do more and more spectacular things. You grow... because you Think you can.

So, I encourage all of you to choose what it is in life that really “juices you”... learn it, develop it, and build your confidence level. Then let loose to the belief that you CAN accomplish it... because you Think You Can!

Author's Bio: 

Mark Peltier-Robson is the founder of P-R Posters(tm) Motivational Companies ( www.p-rposters.com ). Inspiration and Motivation don't have to strike like a bolt of lightning - they can be found in the smallest of things: a gentle smile, a pat on the shoulder, or a short note of encouragement. Our products are another such venue of encouragement - inspiration and motivation that can be put on the wall, displayed on a desk, or shared with family and friends.