I was out for a walk recently. It was a brisk March morning in Nashville—spring was definitely coming, and everything was very beautiful. So I went out to a little pond on the golf course, and there was a flock of geese. I didn't count, but I would say there were, overall, up to two dozen.

They were sunning. It was a cool day, but they were on the banks in different places, eating, picking at the ground, a group of three here, a group of four there. And then there were two on the banks just sitting; oh, and there were two on the other side, too, just sitting, and I wondered if that might be a mother and father—the paternal figures that were not as active as the others.

There were also two definite young ones—they were a team, and they were flying around.

Now, this happened over a short period of time—they didn't fly all day, because as you know, ducks and geese don't fly that well. But I saw a miracle of nature. I came upon this scene on the golf course, in a tranquil state of mind myself. It was my morning walk—I'd had nothing but two cups of coffee at that point.

They let me come up. It wasn't an issue getting to them, and they shared their world with me.

That's the HoloMagic. They shared their world, which I promise doesn't normally happen. I mean, it happens with domestic animals, but in nature the whole issue is fight or flight. And usually, if they think you're going to be a bother or molest them, then they're going to leave.

I saw the two young ones flying gloriously, and I caught them on the first loop. They flew right by me, almost at eye level—a little bit above. Wow! And then I saw them flying off over the trees. My attention wandered, and a few seconds later, they were coming back into the pond area.

By then they were obviously flying for me and the rest of their clan… and the rest of their clan really wasn't paying them any attention. These were kids playing at the park—do you catch my drift?

I was blown away when I realized what had happened. And then I thought they'd landed—oh, but they took off again! And remember, these two, they did everything so uniquely together that it was like they were one—like they were two parts of one creature. Maybe there's something larger we cannot see—and they flew again, and they circled again.

And I saw that, after all, they weren't flying very far, because as you know geese can't really fly very well. But the young ones can get airborne and fly vigorously and enjoy it, and play, and have fun, and the young ones were doing that.

They let me into their world.

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