1. Make your reader visualize they have alreadybought your product in your ad. Tell them whatresults they have gotten and how it makes themfeel. They'll already become emotionally attachedbefore they buy.

2. Turn your ad into an article. It could be a story,or how-to article. This will lead them into your adwithout them knowing it's an ad. They'll already beinterested when they get to your sales pitch.

3. Make sure you show your reader that they aregetting a bargain. Tell them the usual price you sellyour product for is $99. Then tell them if theyorder today they can buy it for $69.95.

4. Direct your ad headline to your target audience.Your readers will feel important and belong to aselect group of people who buy your product. Forexample; "Attention! Accountants, Discover ANew Way To Increase Your Client Base!"

5. Tell your reader how fast they can receive yourproduct or service in your ad. Their buying decisionmay be based on how fast they can receive yourproduct. They may need it by a certain deadline.

6. Use bullets to highlight your product or servicesbenefits. Benefits are the key to selling anything,make them standout in your ad. You can use dots,dashes, or circles to highlight them.

7. Give a money back guarantee that surpasses anormal one. Instead of the normal timed guarantee,give them extra back. Tell them they can keep thefree bonus or give them double their money back.

8. Tell your reader they'll receive surprise bonuses.This'll raise your reader's curiosity and make themwant to buy so they can find out what the surprisebonuses are.

9. Let your reader know this specific package willnot be offered again. You must create urgency sopeople buy now. You may always sell the sameproduct but not with the same bonuses or price.

10. Give them a couple tips in your ad that will helpthem with their problem. This will give your businesscredibility and gain your readers trust to buy yourproducts or services.

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