Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the healthiest of
them all? Here is your handy-dandy checklist for a
healthy you. Discover how your face reveals your

____1. If you see 12 bloodshot lines in the whites of
the eyes, your internal organs are getting weak.

____2. If the lines in the white of the eyes end in
small spots, there is hardening and stagnation in the
circulation of the blood.

____3. If the pupil of the eye is a yellowish color
like mucos, it is due to the malfuction of the gall

____4. If the pupil of the eye is a black shade, it
shows trouble in the kidneys.

____5. If the pupil of the eye is a purple or green
shade anywhere on the eyes, it is very dangerous.

____6. If the pupil of the eye is a dark brown shade,
it shows that the internal organs are becoming harder
and inflexible.

____7. If there is a horizontal wrinkle across the
groove under the nose, there is weakness in the sexual

____8. If the lips are swollen, the digestive tract is
swollen, and there is a tendency towards constipation.

____9. Baldness is a sign that the internal organs are
becoming weak.

____10. Skin that has a reddish tinge is a sign that
the heart is overworked.

____11. Brownish skin areas is generally a sign of
trouble in the liver and gall bladder.

____12. Yellow skin areas indicate problems with the
pancreas, liver, and gall bladder.

____13. Greenish skin is seldom seen, but if it is on
the sides of the face, it could indicate lung cancer or
too much sugar. It could turn the skin to blue or
purple, a very dangerous sign.

____14. Purplish color on the nose may indicate a very
expanded heart and high blood pressure.

____15. Black spots or dots are associated with kidney

____16. A crease on right earlobe can indicate heart

____17. For lung problems, look to the nose for any

____18. For spleen problems, check for any discoloration
on the inside of the eyes just below the eyebrows.

____19. For kidney problems, check for any discoloration
just under the eyes.

Remember, these are only signals that MAY occur.
Consult your doctor for any concerned areas.

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With 8 years of teaching and 15 years in Toastmasters, Kathy Thompson really enjoys writing and speaking. She has a B. S. in Business Communications and has taught her programs around the country at various businessesand Adult Education Centers.

She writes and speaks about Health, PersonalCommunications (writing & speaking), and her unique specialty of "Face Reading" has brought her plenty of media attention.