"Are You Too Critical?"

First of all, Criticalness breaks up more relationships, than
anything else. And that criticalness is usually over the
children or money!

Criticalness can be seen in eyes that slant down.

They notice anything that is out of line and can spot problems
and the flaws. Yes, they are naggers, faultfinders. They
cause fear in other people. They make people afraid of them.

Your son asks you a question. “What does agile mean?” And right
away you tell him his shoe is untied, or his shirt is dirty, or
his hair is not combed, and has dandruf. You notice things
that are wrong.

Now you have a choice on how you responded to your son. That is
the negative choice.

The positive use of being critical is that you see opportunities
and advantages in situations. You know what needs to be done.
Instead of critizing your son, spouse, or anyone; only use your
criticalness when you are paid for it. Keep your criticalness
to yourself, until needed. State the criticism as a statement
or suggestion.

“Son, agile means flexible. Thanks for asking. And don’t forget
to tie your shoe, comb hair.”

The critical spouse should resist trying to remake partner. Focus
on the good in everything first even with children. The critical
child must be made to understand the unsolicited criticism will
turn people off.

What should you do when you are around someone who is critical?

1 - Get there advice when you need it. They will be glad to give it.

2 - Don’t be hurt by unsolicited criticism. That’s the way they

are. It has nothing to do with whether they like you are not.

3 - Try to take care of things that involve them in order to
avoid their criticism.

Now when you see someone with eyes that slant down, you know how
they may respond to you, and you to them. Try it and see how
you do.

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