“Too Much!”

It looks so delicious on television; that big huge
plate of shrimp from Red Lobster, all 30 of em!

“Eat Large at Wendy’s” is there slogan now with
the “Beefasorous!”

“What’s better than one pizza?” Papa John’s asks.
“Two pizzas!”

“Eat outside the Bun” is Taco Bell’s slogan.

Chili’s, I-Hop, What-A-burger, Church’s chicken,
Dairy Queen, Burger King, Joe’s Crab Shak, Luby’s,
Kentucky Fried Chicken, MacDonald’s, Pizza Hut,
Sonic, Subway, and most of the restaurants you
see on street corners in this country are trying
to eat more, lots more.

Recently I went out to eat with a friend. We went
to Chili's Restaurant. I wasn't real hungry, so
I ordered soup and salad. My friend ordered a
half sandwich and fries. I expected a small salad
and cup of soup.

And here comes this big bowl of salad and soup. My
friend's sandwich looked more like a full sandwich
and fries were topped so high, I couldn't see her
sandwich. Waaaay too much food!

As I looked around the room, there was waaay too
much food on everyone's plate. Then we think we have
to eat is all! No wonder we all have weight problems!

My suggestion is eat from the kid's menu. Even the
seniors' portion are too big. Eat ala carte if you

What’s going on here? Bigger is better? Eating more
is better? Give me a break!

Do you know what marketers are doing? They are trying
to convince you to buy something you don’t need in the
first place. It’s a plot, a ruse, to manipulate you
into spending and eating more.

YOU DON’T NEED MORE FOOD! We all know your wasting your
money and ruining your health. Eating too much is a
major problem in our society. Marketers know you don’t
need all that food, so they make it look so good.

So your weight problem is not all your fault. Marketers
are sabotaging your diet!

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With 8 years of teaching and 15 years in Toastmasters, Kathy Thompson really enjoys the platform. She has a B. S. in Business Communications and has taught her programs around the country at various businessesand Adult Education Centers.

Writing has been a passion all her life, andshe loves to write non-fiction and fiction.Her works have been published on-line and off.

She writes and speaks about Health, PersonalCommunications (writing & speaking), and her unique specialty of "Face Reading" has brought her plenty of media attention.

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