How are you feeling about the holiday season? Some people find this time of the year exciting and love the energy that it brings. Other people find this time emotionally challenging due to many personal circumstances. Take the time to check in with yourself to see how you are feeling these days. The holiday season is here and will come around every year at the same time. This is your opportunity to design the experience you want to live. Here are a few tips to consider as you decide how you want to create your holiday season:

Be Grateful. Take a moment to really take a serious look at where you are right now. Remember that the news is designed to provide updates on things that are not necessary positive. The media and people around us may paint a picture that may not apply to what is happening in your world. What are you tuning into these days? How often are you tuning in? How are your emotions affected by what you listen to, who are you are around? There is always something to be grateful for: sight, touch, taste, hearing, talking, walking. Be creative and find something.

Be Engaged! Don’t you love technology? I do. The internet, cell phones and computers allow us to feel connected as often as we want to. We can email, instant message, and text message people any time we feel the urge. Take the time over the holidays to be more engaged in person with people and allow the technology to rest. There is nothing more special than having heartfelt conversations and laughing and enjoying good company. How can you connect more with the people you enjoy spending time with? Ask yourself, do I really need to have the cell phone on when were are together? Your family, friends, and people you are with will appreciate this simple gesture.

Be Thoughtful. Every moment you have a choice. Even when you don’t feel like you have a choice, you do. Take the time to pay attention to what you are feeling and how you are responding to people around you. Are you spending time with the people you really want to be with right now? If you are that is wonderful! If you aren’t, get clear about how you want to change that picture. Every moment is an opportunity to be mindful about the choices you make every day. When you decide what you want, move in the direction that will get you where you want to be.

Remember that CALM and CHAOS come from the same place, your mind. ;-) Be ever wonderful and make the choices that allow you to create the life you want to live!

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Author's Bio: 

Barbara J. Faison is living life by design. She believes life is about living, loving, learning, growing and sharing, So, Why Struggle? life is too short to wear tight shoes- the title of her personal development book on learning to manage life's unpredictable journey.

Barbara enjoys dancing salsa, yoga and daily meditation as ways to continue to live by design and manage stress.

She recently released her beginner's meditation audio (CD and Mp3) - Be Still: Learn to Meditate in 10 Minutes a Day. Samples may be listened to at