You grow in major Spiritual Steps with every situation you experience in your life! But did you know that even the miserable and not-so-nice stuff that happens to you every day could really have the biggest benefits?

How could that be? Just look at the three ways gratitude can enhance your experiences:

1. Give Thanks for and Honor Your Inner Spirit.

Honestly, your Higher Self knows what is going on and has prepared a special protocol for you to follow for your highest and best spiritual growth. I know, sometimes you may say, “What was I thinking? Surely I would have never planned something so terrible as this situation!”

But believe me, the ‘you’ that is your personality is only limited in the concept of life. While the ‘You’ that is your Higher Aspect, knows all too well the bigger picture of Life. That is the part to be grateful for. Spend time everyday just being grateful for the connection you have with the Higher Self and feel it in your heart.

2. Be Grateful for All the Good Stuff

When you are aware of the good things that enter your life, such as the quick line at the grocer’s checkout, the wonderful fragrance after a summer rain or the sweet smile on your baby’s face while asleep, you are connecting with the mystical ethers of the creative universe. The more you focus on them, the stronger that connection becomes. And by being grateful in a very emotion-inspired sense, then that connection actually sticks with you!

You become a co-creator with the universe and more good things start to come to you.

3. Be Grateful for All the Bad Stuff (What?)

Every circumstance or situation you experience in life is there for your evolutionary growth, and that includes the ‘bad stuff’. It could be a terrible argument with your spouse, someone defaming your good reputation, a co-worker stepping over you for a promotion, or something so small as a driver pulling out in front of you on the highway.

These situations come into your life the same as the good ones do. But you may not feel so grateful for them. Maybe you get very hot around the collar about them. Or allow disappointment or hurt feelings to sway you from the reason it is in your vibrations.

When you are ready, you will acknowledge the wisdom of your inner spirit. It has organized the scenarios of your life allowing you to grow by loving each situation. Then you can become aware of its lesson, know its plan and love it into freedom.

Spend dedicated time getting a clear understanding of why this situation upsets you so, journal about it if need be. And by doing so, you can come to thank the universe for sharing it with you. Then gratitude is complete and you move into a stronger focus for creative ideas.

Once you learn to love that upsetting experience, it has fulfilled its mission in your life and can depart from you. But as long as you continue to judge, resent, run away from or ignore it, it will exist. The life-lesson will intensify as it mirrors everything you dislike about it. Is it good or bad? Right or wrong? Beneficial or harmful? Short term or permanent? All of these judgments are distracting thoughts of the situation and will only result in the continuation of the circumstance.

Instead, ask your Self, 'What is here for me to really look at?' You will be taking the first step on the path to revolutionized freedom. Each difficult experience that you have is mirroring a fear in your life. Discover the fear and the reason for its existence and it has no power over you. Then it ceases to exist, and you are being grateful for the reason it came into your life.

As you acknowledge that you created the reality, it loses its power. It has the paradigm of thought you built, not the result of someone else's actions against you. You can choose to love it free and move on to create other realities that are more peaceful, joyful and fulfilling. No matter what the circumstance, you can learn to love it and let go of it. You can free yourself from it and move forward on your journey. Isn’t that a good thing?

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